Butinox 2

Butinox No2 (All Colours) From £12.89 (£15.47 incl. VAT)
Butinox No2 (White) From £12.89 (£15.47 incl. VAT)

BUTINOX 2 is being replaced by DEMIDEKK ULTIMATE 

Butinox 2 performance and ease of use now available without the solvent in the new DemiDekk ultimate brand also made by Jotun  (

Why Is This Happening?
The manufacturer realised, after reviewing its ranges, that these two products essentially did the same job. Both are opaque wood stains. With the trend towards more eco friendly paints the water based DEmidekk Ultimate was the preffered solution over the oil based Butinox 2.

Will I be able to get the same colours?
Yes.  Coming from the same company means the colour ranges available are identical so if you have had BUTINOX 2 in the past you will be able to get exactly the same colours in DEMIDEKK ULTIMATE. our mixing machines at The Paint Shed are calibrated to make sure you get the same colour.

Is the quality as good?
Yes. In fact, DEMIDEKK ULTIMATE is a better quality product than BUTINOX 2 and will last longer. If you are used to oil based paints and would like some advice on water based paints please call us on 0141-848-0599. We would be happy to help.

Will it cost any more?
No. We have worked very hard to make sure we are able to keep the price the same.