Craig & Rose

A Genuine Heritage product.

Craig & Rose is the oldest independent paint manufacturer in the UK. Quality, knowledge and innovation has been their constant hallmarks for over 180 years, with the seasoned experience of craft and chemistry handed down and built upon, generation upon generation.

James Craig and Hugh Rose were two young Scottish entreperneurs who set up business as oil merchants in Edinburgh in 1829. Oil was used to light the city's street lamps and lubricate the country's burgeoning rail system. It was also a basis for paint.

The industrial Revolution saw an unprecedented maelstrom of production. And everything needed painting. When, in 1874 Craig & Rose opended their new paint mill in Leith, it was the biggest factory in the Empire.

With the establishment of factories in Glasgow and London the reach of Craig & Rose paints spread throughout the UK and quickly became the paint of choice for the professional painter and decorator.

Famous public buildings, like St Paul's Catherdral and Brighton Pavillion, and statley homes like Longleat, Bowhill and Chatsworth House, chose and still choose Craig & Rose. "Our purchase ledgers read like a who's who of landmark buildings and famous houses.