Bulk Buying

Save up to 15% on pallets & Save up to 10% on half pallets

We know that sometimes you have to order paint in bulk, that's why we have come up with a bulk buying structure that allows you to receive discount on bigger orders.

Save up to 15% on pallets (400 Litres)

Save up to 10% on half pallets (200 Litres)

Save up to 5% on quarter pallets (100 Litres)



1) Can I buy mixed pallets?                                                              

Yes, any type of paint from any manufacturer as long as it adds up the target litres

2) How many litres do I need to buy?                                          

To get 5 % discount buy total of 100 litres.

To get 10% discount buy total of 200 litres.

To get 15% discount buy total of 400 litres. 

3) How do I claim my discount?                                                     

  Call Mark Ralton on 0141-848-0599;  he will provide you with a voucher code.

4) Can I get further discount?                                                       

   If you buy more than on pallet we may be able to offer further discount.

5) Does it affect my delivery time?          

If you absolutely need paint by a specific day best to phone ahead a couple of days in advance.