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Coo-Var Metal Paint

Coo-Var is known for producing some of the best specialist paints on the market. As part of our metal paint range, these Coo-Var metal paints are in a league of their own. Here you will find primers, thinners and rust-resistance products which get the job done.

If you need high-performance metal primers in a variety of long-lasting finishes, you’ll find them here. Shop the range and get the Coo-Var Metal paint you need today.

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  1. Coo-Var Hammercote Smooth Gloss Finish Ready Mixed Colours
    Coo-Var Hammercote Smooth Gloss Finish Ready Mixed Colours
    From £20.64 £17.20
  2. Coo-Var Hammercote Hammer Finish Black
    Coo-Var Hammercote Hammer Finish Black
    From £20.64 £17.20
    Coo-Var Hammercote Thinners
    From £22.67 £18.89
  4. Coo-Var Hammercote Smooth Satin Black 1L
    Coo-Var Hammercote Smooth Satin Black 1l
    From £20.64 £17.20

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What is Coo-Var Metal Paint?

If you’re not quite familiar with Coo-Var and their products, you may be trying to figure out which you need. Here is some information on the most popular products currently available. 

Coo-Var Heat Resistance Black Enamel

A great metal paint when it needs to be used near high heats. You can see this paint maintain resistance when indirect heat raises temperatures close to 600°C. You can also expect it to have a satin finish 

Coo-Var Hammercote

A sturdy metal paint which can sometimes be used without the need for a primer. The “hammer” refers to the durability you’ll see on the coat as it hardens over time. It is available in plain black, satin black, and ready mixed.

Coo-Var Hammercote Thinner

Made for use as a brush wash on all Hammercote paints. If you plan on using a smooth or satin Hammercote paint, it can be used as a thinner to increase coverage.

Coo-Var Red Oxide Metal Primer

Can be used on iron & steel without any problems. After at least 12 hours, you’ll be able to apply any Coo-Var top coat.

Coo-Var All Metals Primer

A water-based primer which is reliable on all metals & touch dry within two hours . Available in grey and red.

Coo-Var Radiator Enamel

It is surprising just how hard it can be to find a decent radiator paint. This enamel is water-based and can take to the radiator without any major signs of heavy brushstroke after drying. 

Why buy Coo-Var Metal Paint?

Coo-Var develops paints and primers for metal that are hard to beat and in the case of something like Hammercote we mean this quite literally. Many products are water-based, providing quicker drying times and low VOC content; ideal when painting interior metal. 

If you’re planning to work on any surface outside or inside that isn’t your typical wall or ceiling, we recommend looking at the entire Coo-Var range to see more of the specialist products. 

Preparing metal for paintwork

If you don’t take adequate time and care, you could run into issues painting metal surfaces. We recommend you get a decent primer like those you’ll find on this page as well as some of the preparation products available at the Metal Paint section of the site. We would also advise reading our guide on How To Paint Exterior Woodwork and Metal if you’re doing a DIY project at home and haven’t used a metal paint product before.

Shopping at The Paint Shed

Want to see what other metal paints we have in stock? Visit our Metal Paint section, where we have great deals on brands like Dulux, Armstead & Johnstone’s. 

If there’s a Coo-Var product you’re having trouble finding, or you’d like an idea of which metal paint is best suited for the task at hand, leave our team a question, and we’ll help you out.