With many of us having the time to turn our gardens into a little piece of paradise, there has been a growing demand for exterior wood paint across the country.

The Paint Shed has been here to help anyone get the right exterior wood paint for any paint job outside. Whether you’ve decided it’s time for the decking to get a splash of colour, or you have fences that could use a new lease of life, make sure you get the deal possible on any exterior paint when you shop at The Paint Shed.

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Paint for Exterior Wood

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What paint do I need to use on exterior wood?

What you need will depend entirely on the look you’re after, and it is important to differentiate between the two. When working on wood outside, you’re either going to want an exterior paint or a wood stain. Here is when you’d choose one over the other:

Exterior Wood Paints

You always want exterior paint to hold its own against the elements. Typically, customers will opt for the opaque finish when working with doors, frames & sheds, as opposed to having glossy wooden front doors. If it’s small pieces of panelling, a full gloss could work as it has better defensive properties against the rain, although it tends to be used on stone and brick as opposed to wood.

Exterior Wood Stains/Varnishes

When you have a wood which is already finished to a colour you want to show off, you’ll want an exterior varnish or stain. This product area can easily cause confusion as there are so many out there, but you can avoid that asking yourself if you want the wood to look the same as it now (in that case, buy varnish) or if you want a specific shade on the wood (in which case, buy a stain).

What paint should I use if I’m painting my garden wall?

If you’re painting with a mixture of wood and concrete, you could find that Johnstone’s Trade Stormshield might be worth a look. Some of the products within the range are marked as “flexible” which means they can be applied to wood, brick and concrete equally as well. 

Can I use gloss and satin paints outside?

Yes, as long as you get a higher sheen paint which is formulated for use outdoors. You might think some leftover gloss you used inside can be applied to furniture and walls, but many interior paints will not be formulated to withstand the elements. Almost all external gloss and satin paints are made to help prevent any tannins in the wood from causing discolouration. 

If you currently have exterior wood painted and can see some browning coming through, it’ll be from tannins. In cases like this, it is advisable to get some exterior primer before you start painting over.

Priming exterior furniture

Furniture can be a tricky thing to get right at the best of times when you’re painting. Any missed areas on furniture outside are going to show much faster than those indoors. Make sure that you get furniture paint from trusted brands like Rustoleum and Sadolin. 

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