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Add colour to your garden with leftover paint

Adding colour into our garden is a great way to inject life back into tired furniture and long forgotten flower beds. A lick of leftover paint will draw out the natural colours of your garden, creating a serene sanctuary for the Summer months. So whether it's painting a shed, door or seating area here is our guide to using leftover paint to get the most out of your garden. Find everything you need including paint, accessories and woodcare at The Paint Shed today.

With all this free time on our hands many of  us have turned to decorating as a way to pass the hours. Sprucing your home up for Summer is a great way to stay busy and stay active, but what exactly do you do with all the leftover paint? More often than not when we revamp a room we’re left with small amounts of paint left that goes to waste. While it is advised that you always keep a sample of your paint for future purchasing, there are other ways you can make your paint pots go further. 

A pop of leftover colour in your garden or outdoor area can create a comprehensive colour scheme for your interior and exterior home. With Summer fast approaching, spending more time outdoors in your garden is on everyone's mind, so why not use the warmer weather as an excuse to makeover your garden. Transforming a garden doesn’t have to be hard work either, with these quick and easy paint jobs and decor ideas you will be soaking up the sun in your outdoor oasis in no time. 

Painting Your Furniture

One of the easiest ways to makeover your outdoor space is to use extra paint to paint your furniture. Garden furniture comes into its own in the sunny weather so why not make it a stand out piece. Whether you have a small patio or lengthy lawn, having well kept furniture is the first step towards creating an inviting garden. All it takes is picking the right colours, muted tones like blue and green work well for creating a soft and peaceful retreat while vibrant shades are great for making a statement. If you want to draw attention to a certain area of your garden try contrasting colours or bright whites, yellows and primary colours. Try Dulux Trade's ‘Dazzling Yellow’ for a touch of vibrancy or Muted Clay, Urban Slate and City Stone for more earthy garden shades. 

Alternatively you can always draw out the natural beauty of wood furniture through garden paint, wood stains, wood treatment and varnish. Shop our wide range of trade quality woodcare from Osmo, Sadolin and more today. 
Making your accent wall, shed, bench, seat or plant pots the focal point of your garden is an easy way to add personality and style to your outdoor space. Before adding colour to your furniture, fence or shed just remember to properly prep and prime the surface, you can find everything you need in our trade paint and woodcare section.

Grow plants or herbs 

If your space is limited but you still fancy having fresh flowers or herbs to cook with, make use of your walls and install a shelf. Having even just one shelf offers you plenty of new space for plant pots and other decorative pieces. To draw focus to your hard work, paint the area in contrasting colours to the rest of your garden. Use your leftover paint to create stripes, shapes and interesting designs. Alternatively, you could make use of vertical space by installing hooks for hanging plants, lanterns or even barbeque utensils. Even the smallest of garden spaces can be improved by highlighting key features.

Decorate your garden

Get creative with your furniture and fittings to maximise your space. Turn old ladders, crates or mirrors into decorative pieces for a rustic, homely effect. Mirrors work wonders for adding a whole new dimension to your garden. When placed strategically they can be used to reflect foliage or greenery, making the space seem larger. Recycled crates or storage boxes can be used for plants, tools or vegetables, just add a fresh coat of paint for extra interest. For a trendy look, turn an old ladder into a movable shelf, depending on your needs it can be used for plants, books or as storage. Showcase your unique decor by painting them a bright, pastel  or contrasting colour. Lastly, every space can be improved with fairy lights. A canopy of fairy lights can give warmth and comfort to an otherwise basic patio or garden, drape them over trees, fences or around flower beds. They are the perfect companion to long Summer nights.

To get started today, shop our wide selection of masonry and woodcare paints. We have everything you need to transform your garden. For guides on painting your garden and outdoor furniture, browse our tip and advice blog here