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Best Paint for Different Surfaces

Whether you are a veteran decorator or new to painting, the range of interior paint available to you may feel overwhelming. With so many great options at your fingertips it is hard to know which paint is best suited to what project. Picking the right paint for different surfaces is crucial in achieving a professional finish. Here is our quick and easy guide to choosing the best paint for different surfaces and uses. From tips for furniture touch ups to plastic, wood and metal DIY’s we will walk you through different types of paint and their uses.

At The Paint Shed we offer a variety of paint finishes, paint colours and paint accessories all to help you perfect your paint job. Choose from some of the world’s best trade paint brands such as Johnstone's Trade, Dulux Trade, Farrow & Ball and more to get started today. 

Best Paint for Furniture

A quick lick of paint can be all you need to give your piece of furniture a new lease of life. Whether it is a simple touch up or an upcycle project, painting old and tired furniture is a great way to add personality and character to your home.

When it comes to selecting your furniture paint look for paints labelled ‘for wood and metal.’ Water-based paints are advised if you want a shorter drying time.It’s also important to consider beforehand what finish you want to achieve. Satin provides a silky touch, gloss a modern look, and chalky matt finishes are ideal for the distressed trend.

For most interior and exterior wooden furniture you will also be required to use a primer. For bare wood furniture apply a single coat of specialist wood primer and undercoat and leave to dry. If the surface your painting has been previously painted or varnished, opt for a multi surface primer.

For tabletops, counter tops and other flat surfaces finishing with a coat of varnish will add extra protection as well as helping to disguise and scratches or marks. For a step by step guide to painting furniture look here. Shop our range of furniture products today and get free delivery on orders over £50.


Best Wood Paint 

When painting woodwork, fences, sheds or other wooden surfaces, selecting the right paint is key to ensuring a professional finish. A good quality trade paint will provide better coverage and a finish that’s easier to clean and sure to last. Pick the wrong paint and the results are likely to be disappointing and short lived. At The Paint Shed we have all of the top wood paints available in a range of finishes so you are sure to find what you need for your paint project.

Most wooden surfaces will be adaptable enough to receive either water or oil based paint, as long as it is first coated with the correct primer. The best type of paint or sheen to use depends on your surface and your personal taste. Water based paint is sold in latex, milk and chalk varieties, while oil based paints are either alkyd based or plant oil based. Traditional latex paint is best reserved for infrequently used furnishings such as hallway tables or staircase banisters. For a long lasting finish choose a flat to satin sheen as they will mask future flaws (scratches, marks) more effectively.

For everyday furnishings (think chairs, dining tables) we recommend an alkyd based oil paint as they are less susceptible to scuff marks and dry faster than water based paints. Semi gloss or high gloss options are your best best as they will be easiest to maintain. Dulux Trade, Crown Trade and Johnstone’s Trade offer a range of gloss paints suited to woodcare projects. With weathershielding and quick drying options available you are sure to find what you need at The Paint Shed.

Best Paint for Plastic

We all want the exterior of our homes to look as fresh and as modern as possible especially in the warmer months, but replacing exterior plastic features on a property can be expensive and time consuming. Luckily in most cases it isn’t always necessary, plastic can be easily revived with the right paint. All it takes for your tired UPVC windows, doors, furniture or downpipes to look good as new is an appropriate paint system, one that will achieve long lasting, professional results. 

Due to the nature of plastics, it is important to use an appropriate paint system that will achieve long-lasting, high quality results. Coatings that have been designed for plastic should have the following properties: flexibility, strong adhesion and UV stability. There are two main paint systems you can choose from; multi surfaces paints or gloss paints. Multi surface paints self prime and come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. They can be applied to previously painted surfaces and are available with added features such as quick dry, anti fungicide etc. Standard exterior gloss paints are also suitable when used alongside an appropriate primer and undercoat. Opt for acrylic or oil based and apply using a brush or roller. A vast range of colours and finishes can be found at The Paint Shed, browse our selection here.

Best Paint for Metal

Metal can be challenging to paint, due to it’s slick, smooth surface, only certain paints will suffice. Metal paint is available in different bases (oil,water) different containers (tin, spray can) and with unique formulas to combat heat and rust. Knowing which option is best suited to your paint project can be tricky, here is how to identify the best paint for your surface. For outdoor metal objects such as fences, patios, grills as well as indoor kitchen furniture, an oil based metal paint is recommended. Oil based paints are often more durable as they form a rigid coat that repels water and prevents stains, dents and scuffs. It will however be more likely to fade over time so look for one with added protection to prevent cracking and degradation.

If a quick finish is all you’re after, water based paints are the preferred choice. Perfect for moderately used metal surfaces like bed frames, bedside tables and accessories, water based metal paints are fast drying, flexible and resistant to cracking, chipping and fading. They will however be more vulnerable to mould and mildew so keep clear of bathrooms and other moisture prone areas. Browse through our selection of interior and exterior metal paint here, we have everything you need to transform your home.


Painting Tips & Advice

Prime your next painting project for success with our paint recommendations. The Paint Shed has a wide range of paints for furniture, wood, plastic, metal and more. All of our trade quality paints have their own set of unique benefits, with features suited to each area of your home.

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