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A Definitive Guide To The Prodec Advanced Ice Fusion Brush Set


Prodec Advanced Ice Fusion Brushes, what’s all the fuss about? Since launching this Summer Prodec's latest has caused quite the stir in the painting and decorating community. Tried and tested by the pro’s it has continuously come out on top, both for its smooth strokes and mark free finish. But what makes Prodec's new creation so different? The Paint Shed has put the newest Ice Fusion evolution to the test to give you this definitive product review.

A New Science

“Without a shadow of a doubt the best brush I have used to date.”- Decorators Forum

Just like the Ice Fusion roller, with their brushes Prodec wanted to create something special. Prodec’s Advance Ice Fusion Synthetic Paint Brush, is part of their ambitious new project of ‘inventing a new science’ for painting and decorating.  A science that guarantees performance every time. Judging by their ‘performance guaranteed or your money back’ promise, their innovation was a success. But the assurances don’t stop there, as the only brush endorsed by Decorators Forum; an industry respected group with over 12,000 trade professionals, it seems like the Ice Fusion line does exactly what it says on the tin.

With multiple positive reviews from tradesmen up and down the UK, it was a no brainer for The Paint Shed to include this fantastic new range in our September Deals. For this month alone you can pick up 3 Ice Fusion Brushes for just £13.95 to test them out yourself, that’s a 21% discount!

Shard Filaments

“ Overall a first class choice of brush in my opinion, and I’m very hard to please.” - Decorators Forum

Back to the new science aspect of the brushes, for the first time Prodec has developed a paint brush with shard filaments throughout. This added feature provides a fully ultra- smooth finish irrespective of the type of paint you use or the surface you paint on. This new shard tapered SRT filament technology is added to hold and release the paint from the brush more evenly ensuring and richer strokes for greater productivity.

The smooth tipped shard filaments make 2 a good general-purpose professional paint brush for cutting in and trim work, while 1/1.5 are ideal for small jobs and touch up jobs. FSC wood handle also lends itself to a steady but flexible grip.  This kit is an ideal first foray into the Ice Fusion line for any painter or DIY enthusiast.

Form Recovery Technology

“It holds its shape well, holds loads of paint, everything about the brush screams quality.” - Decorators Forum

The standard synthetic filaments of the brush taper towards the top, this ensures a fine finish as there is less space between restricting the paint flow. This is benefit not only for giving an ultra-sharp cutting line but it also helps maintain the brush's shape after washing. Seamless ferrule makes sure no paint or wash water collects inside the brush. Just be sure to use the appropriate cleaning method for the appropriate paint finish.

If you want a brush that will stay as good as the day you bought it Ice Fusion brushes are the one. The semi elastic polymers maintain a superb line and a consistent strong structure.