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Furniture Painting Ideas

Painting your furniture is a quick and easy way to transform your space without the need for a whole home makeover. Upcycling these key pieces of furniture adds a whole new look and feel to a room without the need for costly replacements. With just a quick lick of paint you can give old favourites a new lease of life. So why not try out some of our creative yet simple ideas for updating your furniture.

Choosing the Right Furniture Paint

When it comes to painting furniture there are lots of different styles and techniques to choose from. From chalky to glossy there is a paint for every project.  Read on for our guide on how to add a personal touch to your home with our furniture paint

Whether you are looking for painted table ideas, painted dresser ideas or metal furniture ideas we have some top tips to inspire you. Shop all you need to get started at The Paint Shed today, with furniture paint from Sadolin, Rustoleum, Owatrol and more to choose from you are sure to find what you need.


Wood Furniture Painting Ideas

Painting wooden furniture is relatively simple when you have the right paint. Whether it’s to transform second hand pieces or match your drawers to your room, the first and most important step when selecting your furniture paint is to look for paints labelled ‘for wood.’ 

Water-based paints are advised if you need a shorter drying time, i.e if you are painting frequently used furniture or in a busy family room. It’s also important to consider beforehand what finish you want to achieve. Satin provides a silky touch, gloss a modern look, while chalky matt finishes are ideal for the distressed trend.

When it comes to colour, you can emphasise the natural colour and grain of the wood or create something new entirely. Most people tend to stick to the basic choices of white, brown and black, which are great for adding a modern or ‘homey’ feel to a space, but there are lots of other options you are feeling more adventurous, here are some of our favourites.


Hand Painting Furniture Ideas

If you have an artistic flair why not apply that to your furniture. Adding simple line or flower designs to a piece is a great way to inject personality into your home. Not only will you be creating a ‘one of a kind’ piece, you can always tailor and touch up the design to fit your changing taste. 

Paint Each Section a Different Colour 

If you are painting furniture for a child's bedroom/playroom or wanting to add a pop of colour to a space, multicolour furniture can be a great option. With a desk or a set of drawers you can paint different sections different colours creating a monochromatic or rainbow effect. Block colours are very on trend right now, so painting your furniture the same or a similar shade to your walls will modernise your home.


Style with Stencils

For a unique and intricate design, stenciling can be a great option. Even the smallest design can have a big impact on the look and feel of your room. Freshen up tired old furniture with patterns, flowers or simple borders to create a statement piece.

Metal Furniture Painting Ideas

Instead of throwing old pieces away or replacing metal furniture, a fresh paint job can give even the most tired of tables and drawers a second life. There are many ways to transform metal furniture, spray painting is perhaps the most budget friendly DIY option however if you want to forgo the need for a primer or undercoat and guarantee a long lasting finish we recommend our specialist trade metal paint. 

With trade paint you don’t need to worry about rusting and you have access to a wide variety of finishes. That said, when it comes to painting metal there is lots of room for creativity so have a look around for inspiration online. Here are a few of our favourite furniture makeover options. 

Industrial Look

If you want to restore a piece to its former glory or add an edge with a hint of rust and tarnish, you may want to remove the paint entirely. This coarse and smooth textures of this contemporary furniture style can make for an interesting ‘conversation piece’ that would work well in modern homes with exposed brick, offices or even outside. If your piece is old and naturally tarnished, this can be a great money saving trick. 


Palette of Colours 

Why not combine colours? Spruce up your table and chairs with painted top and white legs or vice versa. There are a lot of simple designs that can be achieved with masking tape. Apply painters tape to create sharp lines and intricate shapes to your furniture, it will also help to prevent runs and drips ensuring a professional finish. Pick up some painters tape here.

Use Glazes for Accents 

With painted furniture, glazing will help bring the refinished piece to life. Without it your furniture can feel lacking. It’s perfect for adding accents and depth to your furniture, restoring character in everything from drawers to doors. Apply sparingly to draw out the detail and design of your piece, by exposing imperfections you will restore character to the piece. 

More Painting Tips & Advice

Using these simple techniques you can renovate any number of metal and wood furniture projects. Use existing pieces or search charity shops for furniture fit for transformation, the skys the limit on what you can upcycle.With the right paint and the perfect glaze your furniture can take on a whole new life. 

Don’t forget to look here for a step by step guide to painting your furniture, your garden furniture and for some colour inspiration. Shop all you need in terms of paint, glaze and tools today at The Paint Shed and get free delivery on orders over £50.

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