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Home Office Painting Ideas

The way we work is changing, with 1.7 million people in the UK working remotely and rising numbers due to self isolation, the home office has become our new normal. The displacement will take time to get used to, so here are some home office painting ideas to help you settle into working from home. 

Creating and decorating your home office is a wonderful way to aid productivity and creativity. So whether it’s a spot for your 9 to 5, a creative haven or sanctuary for study, here are some of  our tips for nailing a work-life balance at home. Read on for some of our best home office painting tips and design ideas.

Home Office Paint Colours

Some home environments will not lend themselves to productivity, so it is important that you carve out a space for yourself that’s reserved for work, and work alone. By creating a designated work space, it will help you get into the ‘working’ frame of mind, and aid in establishing a work-life balance in the long term.

The aim is to create the same mental association you make between work and an office, with work and home, so try to pick a secluded space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home. You will want this area to look slightly different to the rest of your house, while also complementing the colours of the other rooms. 



This is where neutrals work well, painting your walls a neutral shade will create a fresh and uncomplicated backdrop for you to get your best work done. With crisp creams and bright whites, like Farrow and Ball’s ‘School House White’, ‘Wevet’ and ‘Pointing’ you don’t have to worry about colour clashes or matching furniture, freeing up your mind to focus on the task at hand. After all a clean space promotes a clean mind, shop our range of versatile neutrals to create a blank canvas for big ideas.

Pop of Colour

If you are keen to add a point of interest, you can employ a feature wall or soft floral wallpaper. Floral designs are great for constructing a cosy, homely environment. Teaming the soft, subtle tones of Farrow and Ball’s ‘Helleborus,’ with warm lighting would work well in a study or reading nook. Whereas a feature wall or horizontal block would create the perfect background for video calls.

If your space is limited and you want to break up your neutrals with a pop of colour, aim to make use of the rooms architectural features. Adding colour to alcoves, panelling, shelves, floors or even furniture can add dimension and life to a room. Opt for bright primary colours to create a ‘fun’ feel in a homework space or deep, blue and plum shades for a contemporary look.

Home Office Paint Design Ideas


Touch of Nature

When working from home it is natural that you might miss the great outdoors, so why not bring some of the beauty of nature into your office. Greens, browns and reds can transform even the most mundane of offices into a botanical haven, just team with wooden furniture and bronze and gold office accessories to create a rich, sumptuous experience. Shop Farrow and Balls Broccoli Brown’, ‘Deed Reddish Brown’ and ‘Duck Green’ at The Paint Shed today.

If you are in need of a touch of inspiration, utilising prints, textures and metallic paint in small areas can add curiosity and creativity, creating an inviting, inspiring office area.

Accent Walls

Feature walls, colourful alcoves and creative lighting are some great ways to add dimension to your home office. Use bright primary colours to punctuate key areas of your office and enliven your workspace. 


A Finishing Touch 

When considering the design of your office don’t forget about your desired finish. The design impact of a finish is often understated. Adding a sheen to your furnishings will help reduce glare creating a lacquered look, while a matt will produce a soft finish that will work well in offices. Add shine and contrast to cabinets, bookcases or desks with the right finish.

More Painting Tips & Advice

Whatever aesthetic you decide on, a home office should be an area of calm and collaboration. Choose a colour scheme that helps you focus and keeps you inspired. Browse our unique collection of colours from Farrow and Ball, Dulux Trade, Johnstones and more, and get started on your dream home office today. 

For inspiration on furniture and decor that will accentuate your new design look to your home office decoration ideas blog. Find information on the paint colours that are sure to boost your mood, inspire focus and compliment your home in our tips and advice section. Shop everything you need for the perfect home transformation at The Paint Shed today.