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How To Protect Your Exterior Wood


One of highest quality brands for wood treatments we offer at The Paint Shed is Demidekk. It offers super protection, provides a beautiful finish and it’s easy to apply. In addition, the colour range of the stains is very extensive and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the right hue and tone for your requirements.

Demidekk woodstain range has been formulated to enhance the look of wood while maintaining the highest levels of durability against our challenging weather. Not only does your exterior timber get exceptional protection, but these woodstains actually bring out the natural beauty of the grain itself. Demidekk woodstains will remain flexible, durable, and hard-wearing, as well as offering infrequent maintenance cycles of between five years and eight years.

Depending on function and finish, the extensive Demidekk range offers two different types of application:

Demidekk Transluscent

Demidekk Transluscent is a semi transparent, translucent, water based woodstain designed for a variety of exterior timber. This finish allows the grain to show through, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood. The applications include newly primed, previously stained or pressure impregnated wood or as a finish for machined or sawn wood, joinery, cladding, timber buildings, fences etc.

Demidekk Ultimate

Demidekk Ultimate is an opaque, water-based woodstain for use outdoors – containing both alkyd and acrylic resins, it offers the best performance and the longest service of all the stains within the Demidekk range (up to 12 years). The special alkyd oil/acrylic binder combination also provides a highly flexible coating allowing the natural movements, expansion and contraction of the wood.

It is recommended that all the above finishes are used after a primer coat has been applied. The manufacturer recommends using a primer from the Jotun Visir Primer range. Apply at least one primer coat to the entire surface and allow to dry (cure) completely. When applying your finish remember that two thin coats (first being allowed to dry before second coat application) are better than one thick coat. It will normally ‘cure’ faster and look better too.

And remember, if you require any advice, just get in touch – our experts are delighted to help. Happy painting!