Most Popular Brands

  • Elitebrush

    Masonry 9" Scuttle Kit


    (£11.50 ex VAT)

  • Wet Rot Hardner

    Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener


    From £6.62
    (£5.52 ex VAT)

  • RS6177 JOHT Eggshell 5L BW

    Johnstones Eggshell Magnolia


    From £11.16
    (£9.30 ex VAT)

  • 5L Diamond Matt mag

    Dulux Diamond Eggshell (Magnolia)


    From £38.54
    (£32.12 ex VAT)

  • 5_AdvTec_Ultra_NewWorkGloss

    Johnstones Ultra New Work Gloss White


    From £12.53
    (£10.44 ex VAT)

  • RS6209 JOHT Satin Finish 2 5L BW

    Johnstones Satin Finish White


    From £12.11
    (£10.09 ex VAT)


    Homekey Spindle Frame 10"


    (£1.85 ex VAT)

  • tang filling knife

    Ciret Scale Tang Filling Knives


    From £4.62
    (£3.85 ex VAT)

  • RS6164 JOHT Acrylic Eggshell 5L L2010

    Johnstones Acrylic Eggshell (all colours)


    From £21.70
    (£18.08 ex VAT)

  • Gloss Pile

    Prodec 9" Roller Sleeves


    From £3.83
    (£3.19 ex VAT)

  • True customer service

    They rang me twice and kept me updated with the progress of my order. When I rang to see if my paint had come in, they knew who I was and advised that they were waiting on the courier so they could…

    E Kennedy 24 Nov 2014

    They rang me to discuss the order - a real person to speak to!

    The staff were very helpful and explained the order lead time. They were honest and helpful. The paint duly arrived as promised. Great price too!

    Jayne 23 Nov 2014

    Did what they promised

    Changed an order for me without any bother

    Mark Smith 23 Nov 2014