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Dulux Trade Woodcare

Varnish or stain? Clear or gloss? The Dulux Trade Woodcare range has you covered with any upcoming woodcare project. Browse a selection of Dulux Trade products designed specifically to protect interior and exterior wood in the finish you’ve been looking for.

All of the Dulux Trade products available here make woodcare a breeze, thanks to easy application and even coverage. Enhance the beauty of your furniture, fencing, doors, and much more with Dulux Trade Woodcare. Check out Dulux Woodstain, both Opaque and Ultimate, to find your preferred stain or varnish.

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What is Dulux Trade Woodcare?

Dulux Trade Woodcare is a range of woodcare products, with specific stains, paints and varnishes formulated for interior or exterior use. There are many different products within the range, and here is some information on some of the most popular.

Dulux Trade Ultimate Opaque - A fantastic exterior coating which helps give you satin finish. It repels water easily, making it ideal if you want an exterior solvent-based coating in pretty much any colour

Dulux Trade Ultimate Woodstain (Ready Mixed) - A reliable wood stain available in four distinct colours, if you want a stain which won’t cause any problems for years to come, this is the one to get.

Dulux Trade Diamond Clear Glaze Varnish - If you have a specific colour on interior woodwork you don’t want to see covered up this clear varnish is a must. You can get coverage of up to 25m² per litre, and with recoat time around 2-4 hours, it is ideal for an afternoon DIY job at home. 

Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick Dry Opaque - Painting a door just got easier thanks to this paint. It is water-based, so you’re looking at a recoat time under 2 hours. When working with doors, windows & other joinery, you only ever need two coats.

Dulux Trade Quick Dry Varnish - Easy to use on bare word and previously varnished wood, you can recoat in two hours. Thanks to the Polyurethane in the mix, the varnish keeps a tough exterior.

Are these woodcare products only for indoors use?

The Dulux Woodcare range has products for both interior and exterior use. We will highlight what each is best used for, although if there’s a specific woodcare product you need (e.g. stain, oil, treatment), please visit the Woodcare section of the website. It has woodcare products by type to help you find your preferred product quickly.

Why use Dulux Trade Woodcare Products?

Dulux Trade is one of the top-rated ranges for professional tradespeople. It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants reliable varnish or stain which dries in quickly and doesn’t chip or blot after application.

What surfaces does Dulux Trade Woodcare work best on?

When using interior Dulux Trade Woodcare products, they can be applied to:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Furniture
  • Bannisters 

If you’re using exterior Dulux Trade Woodcare products, they can be applied to:

  • Fencing
  • Shelves
  • Doors & Gates
  • Flooring (e.g. decking)

If you need help figuring out which woodcare product you need, our Tips & Advice section has helpful articles for painting different surfaces.

What colours do Dulux Trade Woodcare products come in?

Some products will have a small range of colours to choose from. If you see a Dulux Trade Woodcare product with a colour wheel, it means it can be mixed to any Dulux Trade colour you like. 

Find the right woodcare product for any surface

You should be able to find the woodcare product you need within this range. If you’re not sure which you need or require help finding the right type of woodcare product, please contact The Paint Shed today.