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There are wallpaper finish brands, and then there is Solvite. The Paint Shed team would bet that’s there is hardly a person out there wallpapering regularly who wouldn’t vouch for the quality of Solvite products.

While we may have our primary focus on the paint world, there’s a thing or two we know about wallpapering as well, which is we why we stock quality products like those made by Solvite.

Whether you’re in the trade, or this is your first time wallpapering at home, and you don’t know which adhesives work best, Solvite is going to be something you’ll want to have so hanging wallpaper goes without a hitch.

Shop for Solvite products at The Paint Shed and find out more about why we find them to be a reputable finishing brand.

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What is Solvite?

Even if you’ve never hung one sheet of wallpaper up in your life, you’ll have seen the familiar logo and colour of Solvite packaging. Solvite is a UK based wallpaper adhesive company, growing from a small business in Lancashire to be, arguably, the UK’s most respected adhesive brand.

Over the years, if you’re old enough, you’ll remember some of their iconic TV ads that boasted how well their adhesive worked. And while you’ll not see someone in overalls being flown under a helicopter nowadays, they’ve stood the test of time as being a genuinely fantastic brand.

Solvite’s primary product is their all-purpose wallpaper adhesive, which we have in stock in 30 roll boxes; ideal for decorators who would be using adhesive regularly.

If you were only decorating a room or two at home, we recommend visiting our adhesives section, where you’ll find smaller options from brands like Bartoline and Polycell.

Why use Solvite Products?

Solvite adhesives tend to avoid the tackiness you can sometimes get with inferior products. Even though they are fast-acting and quick to dry, the adhesive is versatile enough that it affords you some “literal” wiggle room when the wallpaper isn’t sitting exactly right.

It’s also a quick-mix product. Solvite guarantees that you can get a paste ready in around 20 seconds and it is good to go in around two minutes. This is why so many decorators prefer to use it when working at speed. The coverage from a single sachet also means you can use it on up to ten rolls without running out.

What can I use Solvite on?

Solvite adhesive is versatile and can be used on several surfaces, including:

  • Normal wallpaper
  • Embossed wallpaper
  • Textured vinyl
  • Blown vinyl
  • Some washables (excluding the bathroom and behind radiators)

What’s the difference between wallpaper adhesive and wallpaper glue?

If it’s your first time buying these products, it’s all too easy to get confused. Wallpaper adhesive and glue/paste are the same things. As is the case with Solvite, the product comes in powdered form, and all you have to do is add water and mix.

Getting Ready to Wallpaper

Like any good job, preparation is key. Someone using Solvite, especially if it’s for the first time, should read the recommendations on the box of the packaging carefully on how to prep the surface. You’ll want to ensure the surface is tidy, cracks are filled and that you’re working with a dry surface before you begin.

If you don’t have brushes for applying wallpaper adhesive to your roll, two products we recommend to make the job easier are the Axus Grey Immaculate 9" Paperhanging Brush and the Ciret Paperhanger 200mm.

And remember that it’s imperative to work in a clean and tidy area, so double check you have the necessary prep items and suitable workwear before you begin.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Whether you’re wallpapering, stripping, or painting a new surface, The Paint Shed team is here to help. We work to help give customers premium decorating products at the best price online. If there’s any online store with a better deal, let us know, and we’ll try our best to beat that price. 

And remember that we also have click & collect available so you can get your order in no time at all from your local Paint Shed store.