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Johnstone's Trade Gloss Paint

Gloss paint is traditionally a tougher paint to work with. When you want a coat to provide a reliable gloss, you tend to find that paints need longer to dry and some wiggle room before applying another coat. 

Ask anyone in the trade, and they'll tell you that time is of the essence. Having a reliable gloss is very important, which is why Johnston's Trade Gloss Paint comes highly regarded amongst those who know their stuff.

As leading Johnstone's Trade stockists, The Paint Shed is delighted to offer the full range of Johnstone's Trade Gloss products, all of which are available to buy right here. Johnstone's Trade Gloss products come in both water and oil-based options, and we stock products that are suitable for both internal and external use.  

Whether you are looking for a traditional gloss, or a premium, rich high gloss finish, Johnstone's Trade has a product to suit your needs. Order directly from The Paint Shed for guaranteed fast dispatch and free delivery on orders over £50. 

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  1. Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Undercoat Brilliant White
    Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Undercoat Brilliant White
    From £16.21 £13.51
  2. Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Gloss Brilliant White
    Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Gloss Brilliant White
    From £16.21 £13.51
  3. Johnstones Gloss (all colours)
    Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss Tinted Colours
    From £17.04 £14.20
  4. Johnstones Gloss White
    Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss Brilliant White
    From £14.34 £11.95
  5. Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Gloss Tinted Colours
    Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Gloss Tinted Colours
    From £22.62 £18.85
  6. Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss Black
    Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss Black
    From £17.93 £14.94
  7. Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss Magnolia
    Johnstone's Trade Professional Gloss Magnolia
    From £21.11 £17.59
  8. Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Gloss Black
    Johnstone's Trade Aqua Water Based Gloss Black
    From £25.99 £21.66

11 Items

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What is Johnstone's Trade Gloss Paint?

Johnstone's Trade Gloss is a high-quality range of gloss paints which can be used in interior and exterior paint jobs. All of the products, unless stated otherwise, you'll find to provide a high sheen finish.

Here is some idea of what the most popular products within the range can do for you.

Johnstone’s Gloss (All Colours)

The best selling paint in this section - a reliable and tough solvent-based gloss which provides ideal opacity. The paint can be mixed in any number of colours.

Johnstone’s Aqua Based Undercoat (White)

Gloss paints stick much better when an undercoat is applied, especially if painting outside. This water-based undercoat will help cover imperfections and give your gloss something good to bond to.

Johnstone’s Stormshield Flexible Gloss Black

Johnstone’s promises eight years of fantastic coverage from this gloss. If you're painting exterior surfaces you know will be exposed to the elements, this could work wonders for you. Also available in white.

Why use Johnstone's Trade Gloss Paint?

This gloss range provides fantastic value and excellent coverage. Depending on the paint you buy, you could be looking at up to 17m2 per litre. You can see how much coverage each paint has by clicking More Information on the product page.

What surfaces does Johnstone's Trade Gloss work best on?

Johnstone's Trade Gloss is versatile enough to work on both interior and exterior surfaces. Most people painting inside would opt for any of the Aqua System products as they have a quicker drying time and less of an odour, although it is common for someone to buy Aqua products to use inside and out.

Johnstone’s Trade Gloss works on:

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Timber
  • Window frames
  • Wood
  • Metal

If you're only working outside and want durable protection, stick with solvent-based paints.

What is the typical recoat time for Johnstone's Trade Gloss?

It will vary based on the product you buy, but most of the solvent-based paints take between 16-24 hours before you can apply a new coat. If you're using a water-based gloss, you'd be looking at anywhere between 4-8 hours recoat time.

What colours do Johnstone's Trade Gloss Paints come in?

You'll see products listed as black or brilliant white. Any products you see on this page with a colour wheel are Johnstone’s Gloss products we can premix to any colour within the Johnstone’s range you like, although please note that any paint mixed to order cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Is Johnstone's Trade Gloss oil or water-based?

You can choose from either an oil or water-based paint. Most of the range is oil-based, so you would expect a slightly longer drying time & for the paint to be cleaned off brushes with some white spirit after you're done.

If you're looking for a water-based trade gloss, keep an eye out for any products that are "Johnstone's Aqua" as these are water-based glosses.

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