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Sandtex Trade Paints


Walk by a row of houses, and there’s a very good chance at least one of them will have a coat or two of Sandtex on the outside. The Paint Shed is proud to stock arguably the UK’s best masonry paint maker, with our choice of top-level Sandtex Trade Paint.

Whether you need to give the front wall of the house a new lease of life, feel the front and back doors could do with a fresh coat, or are sick and tired of paint flaking off the windowsill, Sandtex may just have the paint you need.

Shop for this trusted brand or any other in our masonry paint stock and rest assured that you’re getting the best price possible from a UK retailer. Don’t forget that we have free delivery available on orders over £50.


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What is Sandtex Trade Paint?

Sandtex is a specialist masonry paint range. If there’s a signifier of the quality they create, Sandtex is part of the Crown Trade Paints family, so you know they create high-quality products.

Sometimes customers have it a hard time finding the right shade for their exterior walls. That’s not the case with Sandtex. Something like the  Sandtex Exterior Eggshell is a fantastic product which can be pre-mixed in a variety of colours.

Sandtex paints can be used on :

  • Walls
  • Windowsills
  • Exterior Doors
  • Metal (as long it is cleaned beforehand)

Just like applying some primer or a layer of emulsion in your living room, it helps a lot if you have your outside surface primed and ready. Sandtex has products like Sandtex Fungicidal Wash which helps get exterior surfaces clean and dirt free.

Why Sandtex Trade Paint?

We find that Sandtex can work extremely well on a variety of surfaces, especially if you’re dealing with bumpy surfaces like roughcast and need paint which provides a thorough level of cover. In most cases, you’ll find that something like Sandtex High Cover Smooth can give you coverage of 16 metres squared per litre.

Pretty much all of the Sandtex products we have in stock promise to be resistant to flaking and peeling as well; a must when you want a paint you know won’t cause any issues a year or two down the line.

If you’ve never painted exterior surfaces before, we highly recommend reading our how to paint outside guides. They’ll help you get ready to use Sandtex and similar products when painting the likes of concrete patios, garden furniture, masonry and your front door.

Getting ready to paint

When painting outside, you may find yourself having to do more prep work than imagined. It’s often the case that you’ll need to clean a surface, remove dirt and get rid of old paint.

We highly recommend visiting our paint tools section to get everything you need to use Sandtex paint without any issues. In cases where you have a gap to fill, the right filler matters. Make sure you get a suitable exterior caulk or filler from Polycell or Bartoline as they can be applied without you usually needing to sand or reshape.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Painting outside should be a doddle, and finding the paint products you need should be as well. The Paint Shed is here to help you find the best deal possible on Sandtex products that will see your walls and doors looking great in no time at all.

If you’re painting a new area, like a metal fence or concrete, it’s worth visiting our specialist paint section to get similar products for the job.

Also, don’t forget that The Paint Shed has a price guarantee in place for customers across the UK. Find the same Sandtex paints on a UK retailer’s site for a better price, let us know, and we’ll try our best to beat it.