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A painter is only as good as the tools they use, and there’s no mistaking that Ciret paint accessories are some of the best on the market. From long-lasting roller sleeves to all-purpose adhesives, if you want dependable accessories to get the job done, you’ll want to use Ciret products.

The Paint Shed has a small range of what we believe to be some of their best accessories, with something to cover all aspects of any painting or wallpapering you want to do.

Take a look at the current Ciret paint accessories we have in stock and see if you can get the best price possible for their products when you shop at The Paint Shed.

24 Items

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24 Items

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  1. Ciret General Purpose Masking Tape
    Ciret General Purpose Masking Tape
    From £1.63 £1.36 Was £2.04
  2. Ciret 9 inch Cage Frame
    Ciret 9 Inch Cage Frame
    Special Price £3.18 £2.65 Was £3.97
    Saving: £0.66
  3. Ciret Trade Roller Kit
    Ciret Trade Roller Kit
    Special Price £6.67 £5.56 Was £8.34
    Saving: £1.39
  4. Ciret Beeline Ready Mixed Wallpaper and Vinyl Adhesive
    Ciret Ciret Ready Mixed Wallpaper And Vinyl Adhesive
    From £16.40 £13.67 Was £20.51
  5. Ciret Beeline Paint Hand Klenz Cleaner
    Ciret Ciret Paint Hand Klenz Cleaner
    From £6.47 £5.39 Was £8.09
  6. Ciret Spindle 10 inch Frame
    Ciret Spindle 10 Inch Frame
    Special Price £2.63 £2.19 Was £3.29
    Saving: £0.55
  7. Ciret Stockinette Roll - 400 Grams
    Ciret Stockinette Roll - 400 Grams
    Special Price £4.55 £3.79 Was £5.69
    Saving: £0.95
  8. Ciret Concept 10 Inch Roller Kit
    Ciret Concept 10 Inch Roller Kit
    Special Price £15.62 £13.02 Was £19.54
    Saving: £3.26
  9. Ciret 15L Scuttle Liners 10 Pack
    Ciret 15l Scuttle Liners 10 Pack
    Special Price £6.22 £5.18 Was £7.78
    Saving: £1.30

24 Items

per page
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What is Ciret?

At The Paint Shed, we believe in highlighting the best British products on the market, and Ciret fits the bill when it comes to accessories. The company has been going strong since 1961, initially starting out with the manufacture of paintbrushes before expanding their range through the generations.

Products the company is well-known for include rollers, paintbrushes, masking products, preparation products, fillers, adhesives, and cleaners.

Their most notable products right now would be their roller sleeves. The likes of the 9-inch Dualon Roller Sleeve is an immensely popular product, known for working fantastically with different paint types. Some decorators find it to perform exceptionally well when working with masonry, emulsion and even water-based paints.

Why use Ciret?

It’s hard to find roller sleeves and prep items which provide the perfect mix of price and quality. Something like their General Purpose Masking Tape works wonders given the low price.

They also help cover all bases, providing fillers, scuttle liners, dust sheets and all those minor items that are often overlooked. Remember, if you have forgotten an essential item, there’s no need to pause the job. The Paint Shed has click & collect in place so you can order and get your items in no time at all.

Are there any standout Ciret products?

Ciret is widely known for its accessories, and it is easy to overlook some of their traditional brushes. We recommend having a look at the Kana Advanced Synthetic Brush. Ranging from 1-inch to 3-inch sizes, it provides the gradual paint release you want when working in smaller areas and has little to no bristle loss, even after a few uses.

Getting Ready to Paint

Make sure you have everything you need to paint without interruption. The Ciret accessories section has many of the products needed to get the job done. 

We highly recommend visiting the cleaning & prep section to ensure you have everything you need. As well as Ciret poly backed dust sheets, the section also has white spirit, brush cleaner and wallpaper stripper. There’s also brush restorer if you’re looking to bring tired-looking brushes back to life.

And for anyone painting a new space for the first time, please visit our tips & advice area. It has many helpful articles which look at how to paint in different rooms and what’s best when working with different surfaces.

Aftercare Accessories

Most of the products here will help you get ready to paint, but what about after the job is done? Those looking to prolong the life of brushes and rollers should take a look at some of the Brush Mate products we have in stock. This includes brush stores and vapour pads.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

The Paint Shed is your one-stop-shop for all things paint. If you need help finding a specific Ciret product or paint accessory, click the help icon in the bottom corner of the page. It will take you directly to our customer service team. You can also call or email us via our contact page.

And if you’re shopping for similar painting accessories, other brands we have in stock include Axus Décor, Polycell and ProDec.