Marine Paints

Taking the pain out of painting your boat, our marine paints are strong, easy to use and ready for even the roughest of marine environments. Best bought as a package, our marine paint products, undercoat, gloss and anti-slip coating team up to form a strong durable protection against the elements.

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We offer only the most trusted of marine paint brands, Teamac and Blackfriar, to make it simple and easy for you to get what you need. 

A Guide To Marine Paints

Browse through our collection of trade marine paints and water resistant paints from the biggest and best brands in the UK. Each of our specialist paints are selected for their superior finish and unique formulation. We have everything you need to perfect even the trickiest of marine surfaces.

Our bestselling products include:

Teamac Marine Undercoat Paint – A marine primer that primes and prepares wood, iron steel and more. The perfect choice for cruisers, yachts, narrowboat etc. it provides a long lasting, enduring high gloss finish. Priming is an important part of the painting process and this one can be used either as a foundation or to aid a dramatic colour change. An excellent accompaniment to the Teamac Marine Gloss, Teamac Undercoat Paint protects and improves the look of any marine surface. Together they create an even, seamless finish for maximum paint adherence. Using a primer, undercoat on marine surfaces, saves you time and money in not having to repaint or fix paint failures. When facing extreme weather conditions your surface will endure with the extra layer of protection that an undercoat provides.

Blackfriar Anti Slip Deck Coating- Blackfriar Anti Slip Coating provides a clear, slip free finish to wooden, exterior decking. Its low sheen, protective coverage is resistant to wet conditions, creating a safe, slip free environment. Blackfriar marine paint has the added benefits of being UV resistant and mold and mildew proof, protecting the wood from fading and discolouration.

Teamac Marine Gloss - When teamed together the Teamac Marine Undercoat and Marine Gloss create a perfect protective system. They work together to create a hardwearing and tough finish for all general marine areas, including superstructures, topsides, deck and mask work. Alone it offers outstanding opacity and a high gloss finish. This high quality, durable marine topcoat is suitable for prepared wood, steel aluminium and concrete etc, ensuring long-lasting protection against the elements.

Marine Paint at The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed we stock a succinct range of hand selected marine paints from world leading paint suppliers. We work hard to provide trade quality marine paint at competitive prices, you are guaranteed to secure the best price on the market. Our specialised paints are suitable for commercial and personal projects, we supply everything you need to achieve a professional finish.

Browse through our wide selection of paint accessories to start your marine transformation today. If you need any guidance on our products, or on painting tips and tricks look to our blog, which we regularly update with product guides and tutorials, or simply get in touch with our team at 03333202369. We are always here to help!