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Marine Paint

When you’re looking for your boat to be in prime condition above and below deck, as well as ensuring your paint will last for a long time on the bow and stern, you’ll want some reliable marine paint. ... Read more

It can be difficult to find hard-working marine paint, but The Paint Shed has everything sorted with some dependable paints from top brands. Shop our range of marine paint now and get free mainland delivery with orders over £50. 

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10 Items

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  1. Coo-Var Yacht & Seaplane Gloss Varnish
    Coo-Var Yacht & Seaplane Gloss Varnish
    From £15.64 £13.03
  2. Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Heavy Duty Yacht Varnish Gloss
    Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Heavy Duty Yacht Varnish Gloss
    From £14.88 £12.40
  3. Coo-Var Yacht & Sea Plane Eggshell Varnish
    Coo-Var Yacht & Sea Plane Eggshell Varnish
    From £17.22 £14.35
  4. Tikkurila Luja Universal Primer
    Tikkurila Luja Universal Primer
    From £22.61 £18.84
  5. Dulux Trade Yacht Varnish Clear Gloss
    Dulux Trade Yacht Varnish Clear Gloss
    From £28.86 £24.05
  6. Sadolin Yacht Varnish Clear Gloss
    Sadolin Yacht Varnish Clear Gloss
    From £20.16 £16.80
  7. Teamac Marine Gloss
    Teamac Marine Gloss
    From £30.42 £25.35
  8. Teamac Marine Primer Undercoat
    Teamac Marine Primer Undercoat
    From £27.36 £22.80
  9. Tikkurila Unica Super 90
    Tikkurila Unica Super 90
    From £24.59 £20.49

10 Items

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When painting a boat, or any marine surface, you’ll want to opt for oil-based paints. While they do take longer than water-based paints, they help provide a better degree of protection, especially when exposed to elements. This type of paint gets harder and more durable over time, lending itself to prolonging anything in contact with water for extended periods.

There aren’t many brands out there which make reliable marine paint, but there are some which The Paint Shed team have experience with which makes them ideal for any marine surface.

Teamac would be the most well-known name for marine paints in the UK, and we have some of their hardest working products in stock. Their marine undercoat is great when you’re priming for the first time or looking to go over existing coats that have seen better days. Their marine gloss comes in a high-gloss finish and won’t give you any problems at all on boats, decks, masts and bridge fronts.

Blackfriar is another brand which is known for floor paints, and their anti-slip deck coating is hard to beat when you’re looking for slip resistance from a coating.

If you need to make lines for safety or decoration, Coo-Var Low Odour Line Marking Paint is formulated for interior and exterior use, making it ideal on marine decks and around obstacles. 

Marine paint can be quite forgiving if you’re looking to paint straight away, but it helps to have your surface primed correctly. Failing to do so could see you quickly develop more problems in the long run. We recommend using a primer which matches the material of your surface before doing any major paintwork.

Blackfriars anti-slip deck coating will help on timber decking and walkways. If you’re looking to prevent slipping on other surfaces, especially when wet, Armstead Anti Slip Floor Paint and Coo-Var Suregrip are suitable options. We do recommend checking out our range of floor paint for a full range of anti-slip paints.

Boat taken a slight knock? Does decking have cracks appearing? If you have cracks on your surfaces, we recommend getting them cleaned, buffed, and filled accordingly before applying any new primer or paint. You should be able to find a suitable solution, whether you’re working with wood, metal or fibreglass, at our filler & caulk section.

Buying marine paint for the first time, or not sure where to find a certain product? Get in touch with The Paint Shed today, and we’ll be happy to help out. With over 5,000 five star reviews on Trustpilot, you’ll have no trouble at all getting what you need.