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Oil & Wax

Preserve the natural look of soft or hardwood flooring and wooden furniture with our high-quality wood oil and wood wax. We have a range of oils and waxes formulated to provide your wood with the protective barrier needed to withstand stains, heat, cracks, and harmful bacteria. 

Protect your wood with long-lasting oils and waxes from Rust-OleumOsmoSadolin and other leading brands, all available at The Paint Shed.

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  1. Fiddes Hard Wax Oil
    Fiddes Hard Wax Oil
    From £8.84 £7.37 Was £9.83
  2. Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra Clear Satin
    Osmo Uv Protection Oil Extra Clear Satin
    From £24.58 £20.48 Was £27.30
  3. Osmo Door Oil
    Osmo Door Oil
    From £34.27 £28.56 Was £38.08
  4. Osmo Polyx-Oil Raw
    Osmo Polyx-oil Raw
    From £29.32 £24.43 Was £32.57
  5. Osmo Decking Oil  2.5L
    Osmo Decking Oil 2.5l
    From £52.63 £43.86 Was £58.48
  6. Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints 2.5L
    Osmo Uv Protection Oil Tints 2.5l
    From £75.19 £62.66 Was £83.54
  7. Osmo Polyx Oil Tints 2.5L
    Osmo Polyx Oil Tints 2.5l
    From £88.74 £73.95 Was £98.60
  8. Osmo Top Oil  500ml
    Osmo Top Oil 500ml
    From £20.16 £16.80 Was £22.40
  9. Osmo Polyx-Oil Rapid Satin
    Osmo Polyx-oil Rapid Satin
    From £31.57 £26.31 Was £35.08
  10. Osmo WR Basecoat
    Osmo Wr Basecoat
    From £17.02 £14.18 Was £18.91
  11. Osmo Polyx-Oil Anti-Slip Clear Satin
    Osmo Polyx-oil Anti-slip Clear Satin
    From £31.57 £26.31 Was £35.08
  12. Osmo Polyx-Oil Rapid Matt
    Osmo Polyx-oil Rapid Matt
    From £31.57 £26.31 Was £35.08
  13. Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 1L
    Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner 1l
    Special Price £25.07 £20.89 Was £27.85
    Saving: £2.32
  14. Osmo Wood Protector 2.5L
    Osmo Wood Protector 2.5l
    Special Price £64.14 £53.45 Was £71.27
    Saving: £5.94
  15. Dulux Trade Danish Oil
    Dulux Trade Danish Oil
    From £23.78 £19.82
  16. Frenchic Frensheen
    Frenchic Frensheen
    From £10.96 £9.13
  17. Fiddes Clear Glaze
    Fiddes Clear Glaze
    From £20.51 £17.09 Was £22.79
  18. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish
    Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish
    Special Price £12.41 £10.34 Was £13.79
    Saving: £1.15
  19. Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil Clear 2.5L
    Osmo Anti Slip Decking Oil Clear 2.5l
    Special Price £73.87 £61.56 Was £82.08
    Saving: £6.84
  20. Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear Satin
    Osmo Uv Protection Oil Clear Satin
    From £24.58 £20.48 Was £27.30
  21. Rustoleum Furniture Finishing Wax 400ml
    Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax 400ml
    From £13.18 £10.98

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Wood oil is both protective and decorative. It is easily applied over woodstain or on bare wood and timber. While not as protective as wood wax or varnish, oil seeps into the wood, replacing and replenishing the natural oils lost through age and exposure.

Oils are favoured by woodworkers, as they actively work to bring wood surfaces back to life. The contrasting sheen helps restore the original character of the wood. Oils are easy to apply and easy to maintain. By layering wood oil, you help build a durable, healthy finish that significantly contributes to the wood's warmth and ambience. If you are in the business of caring for wood furnishings and fittings, natural, low VOC wood oils are a perfect choice.
Wood wax is used primarily to protect the wood from absorbing moisture. It's a finishing product, with a matt or high shine finish that's ideal for worktops, furniture, floors and more. Waxes are suitable for household use due to their long-lasting water and stain-resistant properties. Unlike wood oil, waxes do not penetrate the wood but rather sit atop it.

You can apply wax over other finishes to produce a smooth, soft sheen but do not attempt to apply anything over wood wax.
If you want a protective product which prevents moisture from getting in and want something which keeps stains off surfaces indoors, wood wax is your best option. If you want something which protects wood but doesn't need much maintenance, you might prefer oil.
It is best to use wood oil on previously oiled surfaces and wax on almost any surface. An important thing to know when thinking of using oil; you can't always use varnish afterwards if it is water-based, as you can't mix water and oil.
Wood oil tends to keep things dull as it is an absorbent. Wood wax will sit on top of the wood as a protective layer and have some shine to it. We stock a range of waxes in different finishes so that you can choose from clear, satin, matt & tinted wood oils.
If you've been staring at the floor and wondering which product was used, here is what you should do. Give a small section of the surface a quick clean and scratch it. If you can see something come off the floor and onto your fingernail/blade, there's a good chance you're looking at a waxed floor.

If you wipe a small section with a cloth and it looks much shinier, it will most likely be wax. If you wipe and it remains dull, it should be wood oil on the surface. It is important to know that if your surface is much more reflective than just shiny, you will most likely be looking at a varnished surface.
While wood oils do work to get in the word's pores, if you are looking to enhance or add some colour to your wood, we recommend getting a woodstain.
Yes. Wood wax can be applied without you needing to do any sanding or buffing, although it is best to ensure your wood is clean before using wax.
On average, three coats of wood oil should help protect any surface. A quick tip though for anyone using oil for the first time; don't overapply. Remember, you are looking for the oil to absorb into the wood. Applying too much on top will leave some oil incapable of doing so, and lead to blotching.
If you need any help finding the right wood oil or wood wax product for your surfaces, get in touch with The Paint Shed today. You can talk with woodcare experts at your local store, or by phone on 033 3320 2369.