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Johnstone's Trade Satin Paint

A high-performance interior paint which helps make tackling any paint job just that much easier, The Paint Shed is delighted to provide customers with this great range of Johnstone's Trade Satin Paint. 

A range formulated for use indoors, this paint provides a good degree of coverage for a solvent-based paint (although we do have some water-based options in stock too). Shop for the ideal paint you need here at The Paint Shed, where we have free delivery on orders over £50 and our special price promise on the paints in stock.

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What is Johnstone's Trade Satin Paint?

Satin sits in a unique position within the paint world. It doesn't have that intensity that a gloss paint can provide, yet it also isn't as completely muted as a matt finish. Johnstone's Trade Satin would be seen as a paint which provides a slightly more lustrous finish on the wall and sits delicately somewhere between being dulled down and glossy.

There are some standouts within the range that The Paint Shed customers like, and here is some information on the best sellers:

Johnstone's Acrylic Satin Brilliant White

When you want a really solid and strong white for the wall which will last for years, this satin might be on the one. Not only does it prevent yellowing over time, but it also is one of the most ecological paints Johnstone's makes. It is also available pre-mixed in a range of colours.

Johnstones Aqua Satin Brilliant White

Sometimes you need a paint that dries quickly and has a low odour. Aqua Satin ticks those boxes. It uses water-based technology to dry fast, and you can usually apply a second (final) coat in around 4-6 hours; ideal when you want the job done in one day.

Johnstones Satin Finish Brilliant White

Anyone working in a room which is prone to changes in moisture (e.g. your bathroom or kitchen) will want to get their hands on this satin finish paint. It has a higher resistance to condensation and is more forgiving if you ever have to wash the wall due to stains. It's very popular in kitchens where you're painting near splashbacks.

Why use Johnstone's Trade Satin Paint?

This range has some of the best durable interior paints you'll find at The Paint Shed. You're getting a good level of coverage per litre, and most products are formulated in such a way that they can be used on exterior surfaces (although this varies).

On the off chance you're looking for paint to apply on exterior walls, we recommend checking out Johnstone's Trade Exterior Paint.

What surfaces does Johnstone's Trade Satin work best on?

Johnstone's Trade Satin Paint can be used on:

  • Walls
  • Interior Wood
  • Interior metals

If primed correctly, the paint can be used on door frames and radiators. You can see the full range of primers currently in stock here.

What colours do Johnstone's Trade Satin Paints come in?

Brilliant white and black are the common choices for this kind of paint due to the finish. In some cases, Johnstone's Trade Satin can be mixed to order, and we have all types of shades covered. You'll know which products are mixable as they'll have a colour wheel in the product image.

Do I need to do anything before I use satin paint?

Satin paint tends to have a good degree of opacity which lets you get on with the job quickly enough. If you're keen to have your surface prepared, especially if painting over older coats or bare surfaces, Johnstones Aqua Water Based Undercoat may be a decent option. It has a quick dry time of around 2 hours and helps create a good layer for the new paint to latch to.

Getting everything for the job

Please make sure you have everything you need for painting inside by visiting our Tools & Accessories section. Remember, orders over £50 qualify for free delivery.

Get advice for painting your home

If this will be your first time using satin paint, or you've never painted indoors before, we have some helpful articles to get you going here.

You can also contact The Paint Shed team if you have any questions about the products on this page.