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Paint Colour Matching

At The Paint Shed we understand how difficult it can be to choose your perfect colour. Whether you’re painting your living room walls, a garden fence or taking on an even bigger project like masonry, finding the perfect paint colour is no small task.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to offer one of the best colour-matching services you’ll find in the UK, both online and near you in one of our stores. We can tint paint in any finish, in almost any colour.

How does it work?

Online, simply find your perfect type of paint, choose how much you need with the help of our handy paint calculator and then type in your chosen shade.  There are a number of ways to choose your colour.

  • Use our colour finder to browse the colour charts of your chosen brand. Just like you find in store, our website showcases colour swatches from all the top brands, like Dulux, Crown and Johnstone’s Trade.
  • Enter a RAL code, NCS, British Standard Colour or colour palette codes if you know the exact colour or code you are looking for.
  • Can’t find the colour you are looking for when you search? Simply type in the brand name, colour name and code if you have it into the text box, and our team will do the hard work for you and find what you are looking for. If in doubt, we’ll always get in touch before mixing your paint to make sure we have it spot on.

If you’ve seen a colour on a fabric, wallpaper or any other item, we can also use it to match the colour.  Contact our Customer Service team, who will be happy to advise – you can bring the item into store for us to scan with our colour scanner, or we may be able to arrange for you to post the item to us.

Why Colour Match Paint?

There are millions of colours to choose from but sometimes, it’s that specific shade of blue or green or whatever you have in mind that you just can’t quite seem to find. That’s where colour matching comes in. Paint colour matching allows you to pick any shade from almost any item, brand, colour card, colour range or shade pack and mix to order the colour you’re looking for, in the type of paint finish you’d prefer. 


Paint colour matching service


I know the brand and the paint colour name but not the code, can I still get a colour match?

Yes. If you can give us the colour name and the brand and any other useful information like where you’ve seen it, where it was used or how you found the name, we can do our best to track it down and colour match for you.

I know the colour brand, name or code, but it doesn’t return any results when I search on your colour finder. Can I still have this shade in my chosen product?

Yes, simply enter the colour brand and colour name into the text box manually. If in doubt when we receive your order, we will always get in touch before mixing the paint.

Can you paint colour match metallic shades?

No, unfortunately, we can’t colour match paint to anything metallic. The light reflections make this too tricky and mean we can’t be sure of the outcome. Standard decorative paint also doesn’t contain aluminium or other metals to create the metallic finish.

The colour I like is from a shade card 30 years ago, can you still match this?

How old the colour is doesn’t necessarily stop us from matching it. Enter it manually in the colour finder text box online noting as much information as possible. For example, Pale Peach Dulux Trade circa 1998. We’ll get in touch if we need to confirm with you.

What if my colour match isn’t exactly as I expected, what I can do next?

All colour-matched paint is a close equivalent, it's not exact which is why we always recommend buying a paint sample in your chosen colour match first, before ordering a full tin to ensure you're happy with the shade match. If in the unfortunate event that you're not happy with your colour-matched paint, as it is mixed to order, it is not eligible for an exchange or refund. For more information on returns and exchanges, please read our full returns policy here.

I haven’t ordered enough paint and now I need more. If I order more, will the shades still match?

They should still match if you are buying more of the same product in the same colour code but colours will very rarely match exactly due to the nature of mixing each tin to order. That’s why we always suggest ordering slightly more rather than slightly less to avoid any shade discrepancies. When painting a large area, we recommend that you buy the paint all at once and mix them together to maintain shade consistency. This also applies if you think you’ll need more paint, always keep some of the original paint to mix with the next order to ensure shade consistency.

Here at The Paint Shed we’re passionate about helping our customers find the perfect paint in the perfect colour, every time. For any further questions on colour matching or for help finding your perfect shade, feel free to get in touch