Primer & Undercoat

Preparing your surface before painting is very important in order to get the most of your colour and ensure lasting power. Undercoats and primers although similar serve two quite different functions. While primer acts as a base for your paint to latch on to, an undercoat is used to provide a neutral foundation for colour to develop. If you are questioning the condition of your wall for painting, priming would be your best choice. Priming works to hide stains and prevent discoloration. It is best used on wood or metal surfaces and should always be used when changing from dark to light colours or when transitioning from a glossy base coat.

Always ensure your purchase one that is compatible with your chosen surface, we have a large selection to choose from including…

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  1. Crown All Purpose Primer PX3 White
    From £10.37 £8.64 Was £12.20
  2. Crown Trade All Purpose Primer PX4 White
    From £10.43 £8.69 Was £12.26
  3. Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Satin SB Colours
    From £23.15 £19.29
  4. Aqua Undercoat Dark Grey
    From £18.91 £15.76
  5. Coo-Var Red Oxide Metal Primer
    From £25.39 £21.16
  6. Teamac Rapidry Primer Red Oxide
    From £23.63 £19.69
  7. Zinsser Perma White Matt
    From £16.94 £14.12
  8. Johnstones Aqua Undercoat Tinted Colours
    From £20.64 £17.20
  9. Zinsser Allcoat Exterior SB GLoss Black
    From £28.13 £23.44
  10. Zinsser Allcoat Exterior SB Gloss White
    From £28.13 £23.44
  11. Zinsser Allcoat Exterior SB Satin Black
    From £21.38 £17.82

Items 1-16 of 101

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