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As one of our most popular brands, Bartoline is the trusted choice for cleaning solutions, fillers, and adhesives. Please browse through our selection of Bartoline products below to get everything you need before starting your next paint job.

You can get a great deal on their white spirit, paint stripper and brush cleaner when you shop at The Paint Shed.

Shop today to get the Bartoline products you need. Remember that customers get free delivery on orders over £50, and you can benefit from click & collect at your local Paint Shed store.

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13 Items

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  1. Bartoline Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive
    Bartoline Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive
    From £8.22 £6.85 Was £10.27
  2. Bartoline Sugar Soap Spray 500ml
    Bartoline Sugar Soap Spray 500ml
    Special Price £3.58 £2.98 Was £4.46
    Saving: £0.74
  3. Bartoline Paint & Varnish Stripper
    Bartoline Paint & Varnish Stripper
    From £4.98 £4.15 Was £6.23
  4. Bartoline Ready Mixed Filler
    Bartoline Ready Mixed Filler
    From £3.02 £2.52
  5. Bartoline Sugar Soap Powder
    Bartoline Sugar Soap Powder
    From £3.01 £2.51 Was £3.77
  6. Bartoline Brush Restorer 500ml
    Bartoline Brush Restorer 500ml
    Special Price £5.03 £4.19 Was £6.29
    Saving: £1.05
  7. Bartoline Bitcote Black Bitumen Paint
    Bartoline Bitcote Black Bitumen Paint
    From £20.33 £16.94
  8. Bartoline Ready Mixed Border And Overlap Adhesive
    Bartoline Ready Mixed Border And Overlap Adhesive
    From £2.59 £2.16 Was £3.24
  9. Bartoline Lightweight Filler
    Bartoline Lightweight Filler
    From £7.22 £6.02

13 Items

per page
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What is Bartoline?

Self-proclaimed as “The VIP of DIY”, there is hardly a decorator out there who won’t have at least Bartoline product in their van. The Yorkshire based company is arguably the UK’s best brand when looking at decorating sundries and those essential items anyone needs when about to paint or decorate.

Some of their most notable products include:

  • Bartoline white spirit
  • Bartoline varnish & paint stripper
  • Bartoline liquid concentrate sugar soap
  • Bartoline brush cleaner
  • Bartoline decorator’s filler
  • Bartoline methylated spirit

If you’re planning on doing some decorating and painting at home, and it’s your first time doing so, double-check you have products like those just listed to avoid any accidents or mistakes in the middle of the job.

Why Bartoline?

We find that whatever task you’re setting up for, in some way, Bartoline has the solution.

Top products like their ready-mixed fillers are perfect for filling those tiny gaps and dents no matter the surface, while their border adhesives are formulated to bond with any wallpaper without any fuss.

They also have an incredibly competitive price point considering the quality of their products. Something like their trade pack of wallpaper adhesive is a great deal considering the excellent slide properties it possesses.

Getting the right brushes and tools

Bartoline can help with those finishing touches when it comes to preparing a space, but make sure you have the right tools for the job, especially when using fillers and adhesives. Please take a quick look at our tools section to get paintbrushes and decorating tools from top brands like Axus Décor, Coral and ProDec.

Getting the Area Prepped

A good paint or wallpaper job is only as good as the care taken getting everything ready. Prep is the most crucial part of your work, so make sure you have everything you need at hand, and you’re confident the area is clean to work with.

Get your essentials from our cleaning & prep range, where you’ll find sheets, precision tape, can openers, brush cleaner and other products to help avoid any headaches or problems when you’re ready to paint.

And if you’re worried about the condition of walls before getting to work, especially if you notice grease stains and dirt you don’t want to paint over, Bartoline sugar soap spray is one of the handiest ready-to-use soaps you’ll find.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Not sure what Bartoline products you need? Or working with a new surface or area for the first time and don’t feel confident you have the right tools for the task at hand?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure what to do, The Paint Shed is here to provide practical tips with handy articles in our advice section.

And don’t forget that all products at The Paint Shed have our special price promise in place, so you’ll always get a better deal on Bartoline products when you shop with us.