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7-10" Rollers

Perfect for both domestic and commercial properties our leading range of rollers and frames are the best choice for all painting and decorating purposes. Rollers and Frames at the Paint Shed come in a range of renowned brands including Axus, Purdy, Rodo and many more. The provide the ideal first step to your painting process ensuring a perfect finish every time. The Paint Shed offers only the finest high-quality paint accessories guaranteed to apply any of our popular paint brands smoothly and beautifully. 

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  1. ProDec Ice Fusion Synthetic Paint Brush
    Prodec Ice Fusion Synthetic Paint Brush
    From £7.16 £5.97
  2. ProDec Ice Fusion
    Prodec Ice Fusion
    From £5.44 £4.53
  3. Axus GreyExtending S-Pole
    Axus Greyextending S-pole
    From £12.88 £10.73

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At The Paint Shed we provide an extensive array of rollers, frames, pile, trays and more. Find everything you need to get your professional painting project started today. All of our tools are suited to both decorators and DIY enthusiasts, with a variety of lengths on offer, we have something to suit every application. Whether you need a reusable or disposable option, we have the perfect roller for you. Lengths can even be adjusted with our handy extension poles, just team with your perfect paint and you are set.



The right roller can save you time and money. Designed to help you apply a smooth, even coat of paint over a much larger area than a paint brush, they effectively cut the paint process in half.

The expert, long lasting coverage of a roller is the first step towards a professional finish. Paint with the confidence and ease of a decorator with our trade quality professional rollers and tools. For best results, it’s important that you adequately prepare your tools and surface. This will help the paint adhere better and prevent the need for future touch ups.

Start by prepping your painting tools, the necessary steps depend on the type of paint you intend to use.

-For latex paints you will need to dampen your roller first, add a little water to a spray bottle and spritz on to the roller before rolling it in paint.

-Oil based paints require an alkyd appropriate roller sleeve. You will also need to soak the roller in paint thinner, then remove any excess moisture, wait until it is dry completely before applying paint. This will help prevent splatter and drippage, ensuring a better, more even coverage.

If you want to make an impact with your decorating, it is vital that you have the right tools for the job. Rollers typically come in three lengths, short, medium and long. Short piles work well for fine, flat surfaces, medium piles are suited to walls and other smooth surfaces while long piles are ideal for medium textured, exterior surfaces.

There are also foam rollers to be used with gloss and varnish paints and radiator rollers for those hard to reach areas. Once you select the right roller for your decorative needs, don’t forget to pick up a tray, frame and extension pole for ease of application and maximum results.