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Prodec Paint Products

ProDec is a British company which provides painters and decorators with professional tools to help them finish any job quickly and efficiently. The Paint Shed team finds their products to be ideal for helping you get the job done just right.

Shop now for a range of great ProDec paint products. We have brushes, rollers, masking tape, protective clothing, and other essentials currently in stock. With the ProDec range of products, you can be sure you’re getting great tools that won’t stretch your budget.

Shop for these and many other paint tools at The Paint Shed. We provide our customers with the best deals and prices from leading painting brands like ProDec. Shop now and get Free Delivery on orders over £50 and remember that we also have a click & collect service available from your nearest Paint Shed store when you need paint tools in a hurry.

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Items 1-35 of 42

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  1. ProDec Premier Synthetic Brush
    Prodec Premier Synthetic Brush
    From £3.04 £2.53
  2. ProDec Precision Masking Tape
    Prodec Precision Masking Tape
    From £3.85 £3.21
  3. ProDec All Purpose Paint Brush
    Prodec All Purpose Paint Brush
    From £1.25 £1.04
  4. ProDec Precision Low Tack Masking Tape
    Prodec Precision Low Tack Masking Tape
    From £4.56 £3.80
  5. ProDec Low Tack Masking Tape
    Prodec Low Tack Masking Tape
    From £3.77 £3.14
  6. ProDec Trade Pro Brush
    Prodec Trade Pro Brush
    From £2.76 £2.30
  7. ProDec Ice Fusion Synthetic Paint Brush
    Prodec Ice Fusion Synthetic Paint Brush
    From £7.38 £6.15
  8. ProDec Nook and Cranny Brush
    Prodec Nook And Cranny Brush
    From £2.94 £2.45
  9. ProDec Caulking Blade
    Prodec Caulking Blade
    From £5.46 £4.55
  10. ProDec Ice Fusion
    Prodec Ice Fusion
    From £5.60 £4.67
  11. ProDec Windsor Sash Brush
    Prodec Windsor Sash Brush
    From £6.42 £5.35
  12. ProDec Bib & Brace
    Prodec Bib & Brace
    From £25.07 £20.89

Items 1-35 of 42

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What are ProDec Paint Products?

ProDec is a UK based band which specialises in trade accessories. A favourite amongst many in the trades, their products are a common sight across the UK & Ireland. If you’re buying paint accessories for the first time and want to do the best job possible, you can’t go wrong with most of their products, especially if you’re looking for the likes of a bib & brace or masonry brush.

Some of the products they’re best known for include:

  • Brushes
  • Rollers
  • Finishing tools
  • Dust Sheets
  • Abrasives
  • Tape
  • Workwear

If there’s a particular tool or accessory you’re looking for, be sure to check out our full tools section, where you’ll also find ladders and decorating tools.

Why use ProDec Paint Products? 

ProDec paint products are incredibly reliable and long-lasting. Compared to some bargain options you may opt for when buying at a big store, ProDec knows how to make a good product. It’s one of the reasons they been going strong since inception back in the 1920s.

One product, in particular, we’d like to draw attention to is their Ice Fusion roller sleeves. If you need to use rollers regularly and find that your current rollers don’t keep their shape or become slightly tacky after a few washes, you’ll want to try these Ice Fusion rollers. They are made with specially engineered synthetic fibres which allow the roller to maintain a better shape for longer and avoid the risk of the roller leaving lint on your coats.

Getting the Space Ready

The most important part of any paint job happens before a single paint lid is popped open. Prepping a space and making sure everything is tidy will help avoid any accidents when you get down to work. You’d hate to get an area stained and not be able to clean it up properly.

While ProDec has some fantastic products like their masking tape and trousers, you’ll also want to check you have dust sheets, filler, brush cleaner and decorating tools handy so you can paint without interruption.

Visit the painting tool accessories section to get everything you need before heading to checkout.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

The Paint Shed aims to get high-quality paint delivered to your door, or ready to collect, in no time at all. We promise our customers the best value possible when shopping on site. We have a price promise in place to ensure that you can get any new ProDec paint product at the best price possible.

If you have any questions about our prices or need helping to find the right ProDec product, please email us, and we’ll be happy to assist.