Anytime we have new Farrow & Ball Paint in stock, it can get snapped up quickly. It happens a lot because customers at The Paint Shed find them to make some of the best quality paint you’ll find in the UK.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect lighter tones for the living room, have a bathroom that needs paint that will bring it to life, or have a special space at home you feel deserves premium paint, Farrow & Ball can help you achieve the ideal look.

Shop our range of Farrow & Ball paint products, all available to buy online at the lowest possible price with our guaranteed price match. Bring life to your walls with their fantastic finishes and signature depth of colour.



Farrow & Ball Paint

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What is Farrow & Ball Paint?

Farrow & Ball is a Dorset based paint brand, who offer a vast array of durable, eco-friendly paints and tools to help you transform your home. Each of their colours is specially formulated with passion, depth, and rich pigment to give you a long-lasting finish.

They are most well-known for their eggshell paint, a finish which has increased in popularity over the last few decades as many homes move away from the satin look towards something softer/fainter on walls.

Some people believe that Farrow & Ball paints tend to have a lighter, but more robust finish when applied, as the paint is ever so slightly thinner to work with than most people are used to.

Why Farrow & Ball Paint?

At The Paint Shed, we love Farrow & Ball paints because they carry a level of quality that is hard to match, especially considering some of the very light tones they offer.

Some of their off-yellow, green and pink shades work tremendously well in living rooms and dining rooms, while their undercoats make working with light and white tones almost too easy.

If you’re decorating a room at home, we recommend you take a moment to look at our full range of eggshell paint. As well as Farrow & Ball, we have similarly finished shades from brands like Dulux, Johnstone’s and Macpherson.

Getting ready to use Farrow & Ball Paint

Cleaning and preparation are the most critical parts of any paint job. Some Farrow & Ball shades are a little more expensive than other paints, so making sure every drop doesn’t go to waste matters.

To do that, you’ll want to get all the necessary painting tools and accessories ready. If you plan on using Farrow & Ball in your living room or dining room, it’s a good idea to check the walls in advance in case you need to apply any filler or caulk before you get to work.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Farrow & Ball is one of the most respected brands in paint, and we like to think The Paint Shed is one of the most respected paint stores in the UK. We want to give our customers the best deal possible when buying in-store or online.

See what deals you can get on new paint by visiting our deals page. We update it monthly with new items from other well-known paint brands, including Crown and Dulux. It’s the best way to purchase premium paints at a fraction of the cost.

With over 4,000 five star reviews on Trustpilot, you can expect the best deal and service when ordering new paint online. If you have any questions at all about the products on this page or need help finding the right paint, get in touch via our contact page, and we’ll be happy to help.