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Johnstone's Trade Woodworks

When you're about to take on any woodwork project at home, you want to know that the woodcare products you'll be using are going to leave things looking as perfect as possible. Whether you're just looking to get a new coat of wood stain on the windows outside because the weather is nice, or you're gearing up to get the garden fence done from top to bottom, there's no denying that Johnstone's Trade Woodworks range is hard to beat.

The Paint Shed has all of the Johnstone's woodcare products you could need in stock, with something for every woodworking job. Please take a look at what we currently have in stock and see which stain or varnish will work best for you.

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What is Johnstone's Trade Woodworks?

Johnstone's Trade Woodworks is a range of woodcare stains and varnishes which have been developed for use indoors or outside. It wasn't so long ago that woodcare options were quite limited, and you'd have to take a one size fits all approach that led to varnish which was prone to cracking if used in the wrong way. This range aims, and succeeds, in providing more comprehensive options. Some of the most popular products within the range include:

Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Stain (All Colours)

A good all-rounder which resists cracking and should do you good for at least 5 years. Can be premixed in almost a dozen finishes.

Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Opaque

Ideal when you're working with wood which has imperfections, as the coverage prevents highlighting as such. 

Johnstone's Trade Flortred Ready Mixed

Adaptable on wood, concrete & steel, the solvent-based paint has a semi-gloss finish which is also resistant to mild chemicals; ideal if you have the floor you need to mop a lot.

Johnstone's Trade Joncryl Primer

People often forget that wood can also need to be primed from time to time, and this water-based primer provides adequate coverage.

Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Polyurethane Stain

When you don't want to interrupt the look of wood, a clear stain like this works impressively.

Are these woodcare products only for indoors use?

The Johnstone's Woodworks range has products which can be used both on your interior or exterior. Each product will tell you what it's best used for. If you only need a small can of varnish or stain to do some touch-up work indoors, we recommend visiting our full woodcare section. You'll find woodcare products for every scenario.

Are any of these products water-based?

Johnstone's Joncryl Water Based Primer Undercoat is water-based. As such, you can expect a lower odour for a primer and quicker drying time.

Why use Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Products?

The Paint Shed has tried and tested every product on-site, and we think the Woodworks range is just great when you need a woodcare product in a pinch. With the likes of the Satin Woodstain available in a variety of colours too, you're getting a little more versatility than most woodcare brands provide.

What surfaces does Johnstone's Trade Woodcare work best on?

Depending on the product you go for, this range is best for use on:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Planed timber
  • Plywood & panelling
  • Window frames
  • Wood
  • Fences

Not sure which woodcare product you need? Our Tips & Advice section has helpful articles for painting different surfaces if you're new to this area and are doing some wood-based DIY for the first time.

What colours do Johnstone's Trade Woodcare products come in?

Depending on the product you go for, some of the colours to choose from include:

  • Clear
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Green
  • White

Working with bumps and cracks

If you're about to work on uneven wood, consider getting some wood filler before you start. While some of these products do a good job of covering up imperfections, it helps to have the surface in good condition before you begin.

Find the right woodcare solution for any surface

If you're not sure what woodcare product you need for a job, contact The Paint Shed today. We'll be happy to help point you in the right direction.