Johnstone's Trade Woodcare

Johnstone's Trade Woodworks is a professional range of products that have both interior and exterior options. 

Interior products such as Johnstone's Woodworks Floor Varnish have been created to be hard-wearing and to stand the test of time, even in medium to high-traffic areas. 

Interested in a specific colour of Satin Woodstain? No problem! As leading Johnstone's paint stockists we can mix colours to order meaning that you can have the product in any colour you wish.

Johnstone's has fast become a trusted brand amongst professional decorators and at The Paint Shed, we can offer the lowest prices possible on all Johnstone's Trade Woodwork products as well as free delivery on all orders over £50.

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  1. Johnstone's Floor Varnish Gloss Clear
    From £31.34 £26.12
  2. Johnstone's Floor Varnish Satin Clear
    From £31.34 £26.12
  3. Johnstone's Quick Dry Polyurethane Varnish Gloss
    From £7.99 £6.66
  4. Johnstone's Polyurethane Varnish Gloss Clear
    From £6.96 £5.80
  5. Johnstones Polyurethane Varnish Satin
    From £6.96 £5.80
  6. Johnstones Quick Dry Polyurethane Floor Varnish Satin
    From £31.34 £26.12
  7. Johnstones Flortred Floor Paint (Ready Mixed)
    From £25.70 £21.42
  8. Johnstones Wood Primer White
    From £32.70 £27.25
  9. Johnstones Universal Primer White
    From £34.01 £28.34
  10. Johnstone's Advanced Stain Block Primer
    From £36.23 £30.19
  11. Johnstones Ultra Primer Sealer
    From £26.56 £22.13
  12. Johnstones Alkali Resisting Primer
    From £31.84 £26.53

12 Items

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