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Decorating Tools

Before starting any major or home paint project it’s good to have tools and supplies you will need at your disposal. This is where The Paint Shed can help, search through our diverse range of decorating tools today to get started. Whether you need knifes, scrapers or caulking guns we have the essential tool for you. Select from our range of trusted brands including Rodo, Ciret, Olfa to ensure you get only the most durable and long-lasting decorating tools for every decorating task.

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18 Items

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  1. Axus Bubble Out Wallpaper Syringe
    Axus Bubble Out Wallpaper Syringe
    Special Price £4.69 £3.91 Was £5.87
    Saving: £0.98
  2. Osmo Hand Pad Holder
    Osmo Hand Pad Holder
    Special Price £5.77 £4.81 Was £7.21
    Saving: £1.20
  3. ProDec Caulking Blade
    Prodec Caulking Blade
    From £4.37 £3.64 Was £5.46
  4. Axus Wallpaper Smoother
    Axus Wallpaper Smoother
    Special Price £3.00 £2.50 Was £3.76
    Saving: £0.63
  5. ProDec Titan Heavy Duty Scraper  4"
    Prodec Titan Heavy Duty Scraper 4"
    Special Price £8.22 £6.85 Was £10.27
    Saving: £1.71
  6. Axus Precision Edge Wallpapering Tool
    Axus Precision Edge Wallpapering Tool
    Special Price £13.08 £10.90 Was £16.36
    Saving: £2.73
  7. Coral Tough Lock 5m Tape Measure
    Coral Tough Lock 5m Tape Measure
    Special Price £3.29 £2.74 Was £4.12
    Saving: £0.69
  8. Axus Hardwood Wallpaper Seam Roller
    Axus Hardwood Wallpaper Seam Roller
    Special Price £4.84 £4.03 Was £6.05
    Saving: £1.01
  9. ProDec Cox Caulking Gun
    Prodec Cox Caulking Gun
    Special Price £7.02 £5.85 Was £8.77
    Saving: £1.46
  10. ProDec Titan Heavy Duty Scraper  6"
    Prodec Titan Heavy Duty Scraper 6"
    Special Price £13.45 £11.21 Was £16.81
    Saving: £2.80
  11. Coral Essentials Plumb Bob & Line
    Coral Essentials Plumb Bob & Line
    Special Price £2.76 £2.30 Was £3.44
    Saving: £0.57
  12. Coral Essential Orbital Perforator
    Coral Essential Orbital Perforator
    Special Price £11.56 £9.63 Was £14.45
    Saving: £2.41

18 Items

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At The Paint Shed all of our decorating tools and equipment are designed for both professional and DIY use. Professional paint jobs require a number of hand tools to complete correctly, regardless of the painter. Which is why all of our best decorating tools are made to last, their high quality design means that they will endure for years to come. Offering a superior performance and longer life span, trade quality decorating tools are the economical purchase. Not only can they be used repeatedly, they get the job done right every time. Creating the ideal painting/decorating conditions with minimal work and stress.

A Guide to Decorating Tools

Finding the right decorating tools for your painting project today saves you time and aggravation tomorrow. Proper planning and preparation is the key to a perfect paint finish. If you are confused about what tools you might need, we can help. Get in touch with our wonderful team of experts on social media or at 0333 320 2369. We are always here to answer your painting/decorating questions, alternatively you could read our product advice on our tips and tricks blog or follow this handy guide.

Here is a decorating tools checklist of everything you need for a professional paint job.

The Basics

Synthetic brushes - Suited to water based paints and interior projects. Pick up four to six inch brushes for larger, flat areas, two to three inch ones for edges (doors, skirting boards etc.) and a one inch brush for cutting.

Paint Roller and Tray - Necessary for quickly applying paint to walls, ceilings and flat surfaces. A medium size, nine inch roller is the go to choice for most paint projects.

Prepping Dust Sheets - To help protect your furniture and floors.

Fillers and Putty Knife - For creating a smooth even surface that your paint can adhere to.

Sandpaper and block - Help removes bumps and imperfections so that they don’t show up through your fresh paint.

Absorbent Cloth/Dusting Brush - What you will need to thoroughly wipe down surfaces before and after sanding. Tapes - A must have for sectioning off areas you mean to paint and protecting your surfaces.

Painting Mixing Stick - It is important that you stir your paint before application, this will even out the colour and consistency

Ladder - Required for reaching higher surfaces, ensuring that you can paint all areas of your home safely and accurately.

Extension Pole - Another saviour for hard to reach areas, simply attach to your roller and save yourself the arm pain

Decorating Tools at The Paint Shed

The Paint Shed offers an extensive, comprehensive portfolio of cheap decorating tools for you to choose from. Whatever your painting project we have the tools to suit. All of our tools and accessories support precision, accuracy and long lasting effect. Shop our selection today to upgrade your tool kit at an affordable price.