At The Paint Shed, we all too well know the woes of underwhelming matt paint. When you want a reliable paint which is durable, can take a scrub and is stain resistant to a reasonable degree, Armstead Trade Paint may just be the paint you’ve been looking for.

We are stockists of a huge range of Armstead products. If you’re looking for emulsionsatinglossmasonryundercoats or floor products, look no further. You’ll find them all at The Paint Shed. A wide selection of colours available at unrivalled prices.

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Armstead Trade Paint

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What is Armstead Trade Paint?

Armstead paints are developed by AkzoNobel, known for their collection of stellar brands like Dulux Trade.  This type of matt paint has been designed with endurance in mind. Someone looking for paint they can use in public-facing areas, or rooms they know people will inevitably rub against the wall, would need a paint like this.

Armstead paints can be used on :

  • Interior and Exterior Walls
  • Primed Metal
  • Primed Wood
  • Masonry

Certain products within the range are meant for a specific material, so make sure you can find that will best match the surface you’re working with to get the best results.

And for anyone buying specialist paint for the first time, please visit our dedicated section here. We have sections for metal, floor, concrete, marine and furniture to make it easier to find the right paint.

Why Armstead Trade Paint?

Armstead offers a good balance between quality and price. It is seen as a highly reliable paint by those working in the trades, and the likes of the Armstead Trade Eggshell are great when you’re looking for a mid-sheen finish that can be applied to rooms en masse.

We also like how many paints within the range are resistant to condensation. We all have that one spot at home which can be troublesome with moisture, so having a paint which can react and not flake away helps.

Most Armstead paints only require two coats, and with an average of a day between recoats, it won’t drag out any personal DIY projects.

Getting ready to paint

Before even lifting a brush, you’ll want to make sure you have the right paintbrush at hand. We have a fantastic range of paintbrushes in stock from brands we trust, including Prodec, Kana and Fox.

If you plan on using Armstead on high walls and ceilings, get some rollers and frames to help make the job speedier.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed, we want to help anyone, even those who’ve never painted their house before, get the best deal possible on new paint, along with the knowledge to do the job right the first time around.

If you’re painting a new area, it’s a good idea to visit our tips and advice section, where we have articles that cover painting on different surfaces, and how to avoid simple mistakes that cost time and money.

Anyone looking for a bargain on matt paint should also visit our paint deals page. We update the page every month, and you’ll usually find some of the best deals for matt paint right there.

Also, remember The Paint Shed has a price guarantee in place for customers. Find the same Armstead paints on another UK retailer’s site for a better price, let us know, and we’ll try our best to beat it.