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Armstead Trade Gloss Paint

Gloss paints often have a hard time finding a compromise between decent coverage and a high level of sheen. You’re always looking for paint which doesn’t highlight imperfections, while also leading well off the brush (especially when you only want one coat on the surface).

Armstead Trade Gloss Paint is a desirable range of gloss paints that work just as well outside as they do around the house. With both water and oil-based glosses in stock, if you’re looking for paint which is quick-drying and durable while providing high opacity, this could be the preferred paint for the job.

Shop the selection now and see which Armstead gloss paint will work best for you. Don’t forget, with every product you see here, The Paint Shed has a price promise in place to give you the best value possible.



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  1. Colour Match

    Armstead Trade High Gloss Tinted Colours
    Armstead Trade High Gloss Tinted Colours
    From £13.18 £10.98
  2. Armstead Trade High Gloss White
    Armstead Trade High Gloss White
    From £19.96 £16.63
  3. Armstead Trade High Gloss Pure Brilliant White
    Armstead Trade High Gloss Pure Brilliant White
    From £10.80 £9.00
  4. Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss Pure Brilliant White
    Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss Pure Brilliant White
    From £12.59 £10.49
  5. Armstead Trade High Gloss Black
    Armstead Trade High Gloss Black
    From £12.44 £10.37
  6. Colour Match

    Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss Tinted Colours 2.5L
    Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss Tinted Colours 2.5l
    From £30.73 £25.61

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What Armstead Trade Gloss Paint should I get?

There are a few different products in the range, and if you're unfamiliar with gloss paint, you might not know which is best suited to your upcoming paint job. Here is some more information on each gloss paint currently in stock.

Armstead Quick Dry Gloss Tinted Colours

Tinted gloss is becoming very popular, and this paint can be mixed in a wide range of neutrals, creams, pastels etc. With it being solvent-based, it also dries quickly.

Armstead High Gloss Tinted Colours

The alkyd binder in this gloss helps with letting tinted colours settle better on the surface. While it can take up to 24 hours for a recoat, if you want a tinted finish on an exterior surface or metal, it will work in your favour.

Armstead Quick Dry Gloss Brilliant White

Reliable when you want to avoid yellowing, this is a water-based gloss that dries in no time and could see you applying the second coat in around four hours.

Armstead Trade High Gloss Black

A great gloss paint for outside window frames, doors, and fences. Can really work in your favour around trims where brush flow is an issue.


Armstead High Gloss White & Brilliant White

What’s whiter than white? Brilliant White. Both varieties look great after just one coat, but if you’re striving for a decent white gloss on exterior surfaces, the brilliant white will have a deeper sheen.


Why use Armstead Trade Gloss Paint?

You’re getting the best of both worlds with this range, as the gloss is just as good to use on interior as well as exterior surfaces.


What surfaces does Armstead Trade Gloss work best on?

Depending on how you’ve primed the surface, and what level of sheen you’re after, Armstead Trade Gloss Paints can be used on:

  • Interior Wood
  • Exterior Wood
  • Window frames
  • Doors
  • Fences (Wood & Metal)
  • Metal


What is the typical recoat time for Armstead Trade Gloss?

If you’re opting for Quick-Dry products, they are water-based and will have a recoat time somewhere between 4 and 6 hours. If you choose any of the High Gloss paints, you’ll be touch dry in about 6 hours, but you will need to leave it anywhere from 16 to 24 hours before applying a second coat.


Do Armstead Trade Gloss Paints only come in tinted colours?

We know that Armstead does a fantastic job with tinted gloss finishes, but we also understand that many customers will be looking for deeper colours from their gloss. We recommend visiting our main gloss paint section, where you’ll find a dynamic range of colour choices from brands like Crown Trade & Dulux Trade.


Do I need to prime before using Armstead Gloss?

As with any paint job, we believe that applying primer & undercoat on the surface after cleaning is necessary. It will help your paint get the desired look and, when done correctly, you will never need to worry about yellowing or discolouration. You’re also always best to stick with the same brand when using paint, so take a look at the Armstead undercoats available.


Find the right paint for any job at home

Our Tips & Advice section has many helpful articles if you’re new to the world of trade paint and don’t know what you need for a specific job. And if you’re having trouble finding a specific type of paint, contact The Paint Shed. We can help point you in the right direction.