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Our Prices

When it comes to bringing you top quality brands at the lowest possible price, you can trust The Paint Shed to give you the best deal to get the job done.


We go all out to give you low prices on all our paints, all the time. And we always compare costs with our competitors, to make extra sure we’re offering you the best possible price.


You’ll notice we don’t go in for all that slashing prices on some paints for a month or two just to get you in the door. We’d rather be really competitive all the time on all our paints. All part of being more transparent, fair and open. We’re not interested in chasing a quick sale. We want to build relationships with our customers and make sure they get proper value over the long term.


In an industry where what you pay isn’t always fair and transparent, we’re open and honest - we’re the good guys. Trusted and totally straightforward with everyone.


Think we could do better? Contact us on 033 3320 2369 or [email protected] and have a chat with our team.