Gloss Paint

Gloss paint offers a shine-based finish, ranging from high gloss to flexible gloss. This practical option is flexible but best suited to woodwork. As the most resistant and hard wearing of our paint sheens, gloss paint is perfect for tricky areas such as kitchen and door edges, stair banisters and overall trim work. With a little preparation it can also work to provide depth and variation to matt walls. 

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  1. Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss Colours
    From £40.32 £33.60
  2. MacPherson Gloss Black
    From £18.67 £15.56
  3. Dulux Trade Gloss Black
    From £32.89 £27.41
  4. Johnstones Gloss Black
    From £25.90 £21.58
  5. Sandtex Exterior Gloss White
    From £34.63 £28.86
  6. Sandtex Flexigloss Colours 2.5L
    From £39.35 £32.79
  7. Macpherson Gloss (all colours)
    From £18.67 £15.56
  8. Sandtex Exterior Gloss Black
    From £15.97 £13.31
  9. Johnstones Gloss Brilliant White
    From £20.89 £17.41
  10. Macpherson Gloss Magnolia
    From £13.25 £11.04
  11. Dulux High Gloss (All Colours)
    From £56.02 £46.68
  12. Macpherson Gloss Brilliant White
    From £13.25 £11.04
  13. Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss White
    From £19.68 £16.40
  14. Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss Brilliant White
    From £30.42 £25.35
  15. Johnstones Gloss (all colours)
    From £28.58 £23.82

Items 1-16 of 20

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Gloss shines best in a pale and pastel colour palette. Its radiant light reflecting qualities are what make it one of our most popular choices. To order today, simply select your choice brand and then choose the colour that suits you using our comprehensive colour chart. 

A Guide to Gloss Paint

The word gloss refers to the sheen level of the paint. The higher the sheen level, the more reflective it will be. Therefore, gloss paints are usually used to add shine to exterior and interior surfaces.Trade gloss paints in particular are ideal if you want to highlight or add lustre to a particular surface. Gloss paints at The Paint Shed are tough, durable and washable which makes them one of our more popular options for high traffic areas of a home.

Typically there are four types of trade gloss:

Non drip gloss - Best used on doors, cabinets and other vertical surfaces. Protects your carpets/floors from damage with its non drip technology.

Liquid gloss- To be used on top of an undercoat One coat gloss - The quick and easy option for a perfect finish

High Gloss - Highly reflective, easier to clean and provides great colour intensity. It will however highlight irregularities in less than perfect surfaces.

Semi Gloss - Slightly glossy, not as reflective. Great stain resistance and ideal for areas prone to wear and tear.

Application: Gloss paint can be easily applied on a surface which has been suitably prepared. Previously painted surfaces should be rubbed down to remove any loose paint, dust or residue. Follow by filing in any holes with filler, then apply an undercoat or primer if required.

Once complete, apply the gloss paint with a roller, brush or spray all of which can be found at The Paint Shed in our accessories section.

Gloss Paint at The Paint Shed

When you shop for gloss paint at The Paint Shed, you’re sure to find the right paint for your painting project. All of our gloss paints are available in an array of colours, browse our collection with our handy colour finder. Simply select your surface, preferred finish and colour family and we will provide you with a range of options. If you can’t find your ideal shade, just let us know and we will mix it for you. We are always here to help, find us on social media or give us a call on 033 3320 2369.

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