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Gloss Paint

Gloss paint offers a shine-based finish, ranging from high gloss to flexible gloss. This practical option is flexible for surfaces but best suited to woodwork. As the most resistant and hard-wearing of paint sheens, gloss paint is perfect for tricky areas such as kitchen cabinet, doors, bannisters and overall trim work. With a little preparation, it can also work to provide depth and variation to matt walls. 

If you’re looking to use some gloss paint around the house or outside, make sure you get the best price possible by shopping at The Paint Shed. We have a fantastic range of gloss paints from leading brands like Crown, Dulux, Johnstone’s & Sandtex.

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What is Gloss paint? 

Gloss paint is a high sheen paint which is reflective and hard-working. It provides a reflective finish in a room, which is known to be tough and stain-resistant. If there’s a surface you want to keep clean and looking good, gloss is the way to go. 

Why use Gloss paint?

With it typically having a high sheen and durable look, you’ll want to use gloss paint when you are looking to highlight a specific element or give something a longer lease of life. The most common example of this would be your doors and skirting boards; two areas people will touch most often (think of how often you run a hoover along the skirtings).

What surfaces do gloss paints work best on?

Gloss paint is typically left to lift and highlight specific elements within a room, namely:

  • Doors
  • Windowsills
  • Skirting Boards
  • Rails
  • Bannisters

Remember, gloss paints can leave brush marks if not used properly, so ensure you have reliable brushes for any paint job.

What are the different gloss paint finishes?

Gloss is gloss, but within this paint type, it is easy to get confused with all the varieties different brands have to offer. If you don’t know your full gloss from your acrylic gloss, here are some of the different gloss paint finishes to be aware of:

  • High/Full Gloss – Your most common gloss type. It will be shiny and will reflect light quite well. The “higher” your gloss, the shinier it will be. It is typically used on skirting and woodwork, and only infrequently applied to interior walls from top to bottom
  • Satin Gloss – Is a low-level gloss paint. Instead of having a high sheen, you’re looking at around 25% level of sheen compared to a high gloss
  • New Build Gloss – Also referred to as acrylic gloss. When you’re painting on a new surface like plaster for the first time, a gloss of this type is formulated to provide a good bond onto a surface
  • Exterior Gloss – While you can use most gloss paints inside and outside, a dedicated exterior gloss is going to help when painting surfaces outside

How much gloss paint should I use?

The amount of gloss paint will depend on how big of a surface you’re working with, and how many coats you think you’ll need. A top seller like Dulux High Gloss can give you up to 18m2/litre. You’ll be able to find how much coverage each product provides in a product information sheet.

How many coats of gloss paint do I need?

You will typically need two coats of gloss on a surface for a job well done, but sometimes you can get away with just needing one. It helps tremendously if you prep the surface beforehand with a reliable primer or undercoat.

Shopping at The Paint Shed

When you shop for gloss paint at The Paint Shed, you’re sure to find the right paint for any paint job. All of our gloss paints are available in an array of colours. Feel free to browse our collection with our handy colour finder. 

Select your surface, preferred finish and colour family, and we will provide you with a range of options. If you can’t find your ideal shade, just let us know, and we will mix it for you. We are always here to help, find us on social media or give us a call on 033 3320 2369.