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Here at The Paint Shed we only stock brands we believe in. With plenty of experience in the trade, having good quality sandpaper for a drywall sander can be the difference between an easy enough job going smoothly, and the kind of job where things just don’t go right and you’re on-site longer than you anticipated.

When you’re working with Sait sandpaper, you’ll find yourself firmly in the former situation, as this brand of sandpaper does a tremendous job of getting to work on drywall while using an electric sander.

If you want to avoid the traditional pitfalls of drywall dust and dry skin when using a sander, Sait sandpaper can help do the job. Take a look at the Sait products currently in stock at The Paint Shed.

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  1. Sait 5m Aluminium Oxide Sandpaper
    Sait 5m Aluminium Oxide Sandpaper
    From £6.23 £5.19
  2. Sait Sanding Discs 25mm
    Sait Sanding Discs 25mm
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What is Sait sandpaper?

Sait is known worldwide for making abrasives which are adaptable for use in just about every industry.

While they make sandpaper for everything from cars to stone processing, their well-known pads for domestic use are made to perform to an incredibly high standard.

Their sandpaper discs will work on the majority of drywall sanders that require a 225mm disc. If you’re someone who wants to avoid any mess while using a sander, we recommend visiting the cleaning and prep page to find appropriate products for a tidy work area.

Why choose Sait sandpaper?

Extraction. It’s just as crucial as the sandpaper you use. Sait discs, unlike some others, seem to be able to allow for extraction much more easily. It could be in part to the number of holes on the disc, but there’s a quality issue at play here as well.

If you’ve used cheap discs in the past, you’ll know that holes can quickly start to twist and turn ever so slightly to disrupt a smooth plane of motion. That’s far from the case here. We believe Sait to provide a high-quality product that won’t cause any problems or hiccups.

Remember to check out all our painting accessories to get yourself the best brushes, rollers and decorating tools for the job. For anyone working with a sander and applying fillers or caulk to a wall before painting, we recommend looking at some of the decorating tools currently in stock. The likes of the Rodo Prodec Caulking Blade are a must when you’re looking for a flat, clean finish to any decorative work.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed, we aren’t just a one-stop-shop for a good deal on a new can of paint. We have all the tools and paint accessories you need to make any job effortless, whether it’s putting a fresh coat on the garden fence or giving a new lease of life to the home by painting the interiors, go without a hitch.

Don’t forget that you don’t need to be a tradesperson to shop with us. We offer the same great prices regardless of whether or not you’re in the trade. If you find the products we have in stock available from another UK retailer for a better price online, get in touch, and we’ll see if we can beat the price to provide the best deal possible.