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Varnish & Woodcare

Doors. Floors. Tables. Chairs. Boats. Bed Frames. You have anything with wood, and there’s a good chance you need to get it varnished. At The Paint Shed, we have a great range of wood varnish solutions from top brands like Dulux TradeCoo-Var, SadolinJohnstones and more.

If you’re looking for reliable varnish and something to help furniture look its best for years to come, get your wood varnish from The Paint Shed today.

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What is wood varnish? 

Wood varnish provides the ideal finished appearance on any surface. It is transparent and has no added colour to enhance the natural pigment of the wood.  You are looking to use wood varnish when you want to highlight the natural texture and grain. If you wanted to add colour to the wood, you’re best to use a wood stain first before varnishing. 

Why use wood varnish?

A lick of varnish on any wood will do a world of good. Get yourself some wood varnish if you want to protect your wood against everything from scratches to spills. You’ll want to keep moisture out to preserve the wood and give wood a chance to look fantastic. 

If you’re someone who can’t stand to see cups and glasses leave rings on your tables, you’ll want to get some wood varnish.

What surfaces can I use wood varnish on?

Wood varnishes are typically used on doors, window frames and pretty much anywhere you want to protect the wood. That’s why it is just as common to apply some varnish to a table as it is to your kitchen cabinet.

Are there different types of wood varnish?

You’ll typically find that oil or water-based varnishes are your main options, and there is much debate over which you should be using. The water-based varnish is faster drying, doesn’t have a strong smell, and will not see any yellowing over time.

Oil-based varnishes are more durable (due to a higher VOC), tend to last longer, and typically take a few knocks and hits a bit better than water-based varnishes. Some oil varnishes can discolour over time, but that’s a case of years (even decades) rather than a couple of months.

Can varnishes give different finishes?

Yes. Even if you’re looking for a completely clear varnish for a surface, you can still choose from products which will provide a matt, satin, or gloss finish after drying in. Always remember that varnish is made to sit “on” your wood, whereas wood stain is made to penetrate. You should take the time to consider what sheen you want from your varnish, e.g. a glossy varnish might look good on an interior table, but not on a garden bench.

How much wood varnish do I need?

It depends on where the varnish is going, how much you’re using, and the type of varnish. These days, most varnishes are formulated to a high enough standard that two or three coats will see you through. If you were using a water-based varnish over large areas (for example, a flight of stairs), you might need another coat or two on top of that to get it looking perfect. Many of the quicker drying products, like Johnstones Quick Dry Polyurethane Floor Varnish Satin, can easily see you getting three coats down in one day.

Shopping woodcare products at The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed, we aim to make woodcare accessible for all, which is why we stock everything required for your project in one place - in our woodcare tab. Browse through our selection of stains, oil and waxfillers and treatments

Remember to get sorted with the necessary tools & cleaning solutions, and you will have everything you need to start varnishing. Don’t forget our team of woodcare experts are here to help you every step of the way. Just reach out to us by phone on 033 3320 2369, or ask the experts at your local Paint Shed location.