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Axus Décor

Axus Décor is one of the top-selling brands here at The Paint Shed for those in the trade who want reliable paint tools to get the job done. When you’re reliant on brushes that won’t cause split ends, need a sleeve which provides ideal coverage, or simply want a decent pair of painters trousers you know will last the distance, Axus Décor might just be the brand you’re looking for.

Please take a look at our tremendous range of Axus Décor products. We guarantee you’ll get most of the essentials and odd bits you need to help get any area prepped for a paint job. And remember that you can always get your new painting tools in no time at all with click & collect available from our stores.

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Items 1-35 of 41

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  1. Axus Blue Angled Pro-Cutter Brush
    Axus Blue Angled Pro-cutter Brush
    From £4.15 £3.46
  2. Axus Grey Pointed Precision Sash Paint Brush
    Axus Grey Pointed Precision Sash Paint Brush
    From £5.46 £4.55
  3. Axus Grey S-Finish Paint Brush
    Axus Grey S-finish Paint Brush
    From £3.76 £3.13
  4. New

    Axus Silk Touch Ultra Angled Brush
    Axus Silk Touch Ultra Angled Brush
    From £8.00 £6.67
  5. Recommended

    Axus Grey Series S-Tex Painters Trousers Regular Length
    Axus Grey Series S-tex Painters Trousers Regular Length
    From £38.39 £31.99
  6. Axus Grey Series S-Tex Painters Shorts
    Axus Grey Series S-tex Painters Shorts
    From £33.62 £28.02
  7. Recommended

    Axus Painters Bib and Brace Overalls
    Axus Painters Bib And Brace Overalls
    From £33.71 £28.09
  8. New

    Axus Silk Touch Ultra Brush
    Axus Silk Touch Ultra Brush
    From £7.50 £6.25
  9. Axus Painting Gloves 3 Pairs
    Axus Painting Gloves 3 Pairs
    From £7.22 £6.02
  10. Recommended

    Axus Grey Series S-Tex Painters Trousers Long Length
    Axus Grey Series S-tex Painters Trousers Long Length
    From £38.39 £31.99

Items 1-35 of 41

per page
Set Ascending Direction

What is Axus Décor?

Axus Décor is a UK based decorator’s company which develops a wide range of products; from the tools and accessories you see on this page to fillers and surface protectors. They’re most well-known for their brushes and rollers, and pretty much any tool you’d need to finish the job. Decorators who are very keen on details and making sure every job is done to perfection vow by their products like the Axus Precision Edge and the Immaculate Finish Brush Sets (of which we have 3 brush and 4 brush sets available).

Their products are best used on interior paint jobs due to the finer nature of some of their brushes and rollers. If there’s a particular material like metal or flooring you’re working with, we recommend visiting our specialist paint section, where you’ll find suitable products from Johnstones, Teamac and other leading brands.

Even though we’re a paint site (it’s in the name after all) we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the Axus wallpaper products we have in stock too. Items like their Hardwood Seam Roller and Bubble Out Syringe are the kinds of tools that come in handy if you’re going it alone at home and don’t want to make any silly mistakes while wallpapering.

Why use Axus Décor?

The Paint Shed recommends Axus Décor products due to the quality and remarkable price point on their products. Many leading brands will sell the likes of scrapers and angled brushes at a premium, but Axus doesn’t, and that isn’t a reflection on quality in the slightest.

Products like the Captain Chunk Roller Sleeve work remarkably well on masonry for being such a soft roller. Many of their sets also include specialist brushes that can turn tasks like hallway and bedroom painting into a doddle. Someone looking to get a brush set they want to last for a few years couldn’t go wrong with their 4 pack Pro Brush set and the fine tapered synthetic filaments used for less resistance on application. Even after a few goes around the house, and rewashed time and time, if you look after one of their sets, you shouldn’t see any rust on the ferrule or signs of the shape going away.

Even one of their high-end sets like the Axus Onyx Dark Mage is a good choice, especially when available for under £20.

Getting Your Area Prepped

Every paint job is different, and it may require you to have specific tools or materials in place. Never rush your prep work, and you’ll save yourself time (and slight embarrassment) with any mistakes or a prolonged clean-up after the fact.

You may have noticed some of the painter’s trousers on this page. Axus do make high-quality workwear which is hardwearing and lightweight. The likes of the S-Tex Painter's Trousers even have triple stitching in place to prevent any ripping and are shrink resistant.

Remember that The Paint Shed has all the painting tools and accessories you need to get the job done, with new deals on rollers, fillers, workwear and ladders.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Whether you’re in the trades and looking for a good deal on new equipment, or you’re doing some DIY at home and need items like brushes and rollers for the first time, you’ll be able to get anything you need for the perfect paint job when you shop at The Paint Shed.

If you’re not sure which products to get on this page or need help finding the right items for a specific room, please check out our advice section, where we have articles on how to paint everything from your bathroom cabinets to bargeboards.

And don’t forget that The Paint has a price promise in place for all products on-site, so you always know you’ll get the best deal when getting ready to paint.