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Masonry Paint

Painting exterior brick and masonry is usually no small task which is why we offer a range of quality trade and designer masonry paints that we know will do the job. From painting the outside of your house, painting garden walls or unique surfaces like stone, brick or concrete, we have the masonry paint you need and the perfect primer too.

At The Paint Shed we have a great selection of masonry paint from leading trade paint brands like Sandtex and Macpherson, as well as the incredible Dulux Trade Weathershield products in stock, as well as designer masonry paints from Little Greene and Farrow and Ball. 

Allcoat Exterior Matt

A high performing exterior paint suitable for timber, metal, masonry, plastic, concrete, cladding, UVPC and more. Touch dry and ready for recoat in just one hour, what makes Allcoat unique is that it doesn't darken when wet.

Stormshield Smooth

A premium quality, acrylic resin based masonry paint formulated for exterior use on cement rendering, rough cast, brick and concrete. It provides a smooth finish that resists dirt accumulation and offers excellent weather resistance.

Weathershield Smooth

A high performing smooth masonry paint rich in anti fungal and algae inredients to provide exterior surfaces with the highest levels of protection. With a unique acrylic resin for optimum performance it offers 15 years of protection.

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What is Masonry paint? 

Masonry paints are highly durable weather-resistant exterior paints formulated for lasting colour and finish. They are formulated to be suitable for all surfaces, including brick, render, concrete, and previously painted exteriors. Decent masonry paint can be used anywhere. All our masonry paint is sourced from trusted, reputable, and time tested paint professionals that cater to domestic and commercial use.

What should I be looking for in a good Masonry paint?

It used to be that finding a decent masonry paint was a bit of trial and error, but you'll never have any issues shopping at the Paint Shed. When shopping for masonry paint, you'll want paint which is fast-acting, can provide decent coverage, won't give you trouble on the brush, and offers decent resistance against the elements.

If you're painting in high moisture areas or have to paint over a mouldy surface, a reliable fungicidal wash will come in handy to prep your surface accordingly. 

What surfaces does Masonry paint work best on?

Masonry paint is primed for use on walls outside, but you might want masonry paint if you're painting any of the following surfaces:

  • Walls
  • Wood
  • Metal (fencing)
  • Plastics outside
  • Flat stone (interior and exterior)

If there is a surface you want to paint, but you're not sure what you need, visit our Specialist Paint section

Are there different masonry paint finishes?

This is a popular question customers have when they're not familiar with masonry paint. You'll tend to find you can have smooth or textured masonry paint.

Smooth masonry paint is the most common and what gets used on most homes. You find it is a little more forgiving and lets you get away with applying liberally with the brush. Textured masonry paint (also sometimes called fine or rough masonry paint) is a little more accommodating by having a different consistency. The "texture" can help gloss over small patches and marks while also filling in better on cracks. If you've ever painted over the walls of an older roughcast home, you'll usually find they have had a coat of textured masonry paint before.

How much masonry paint should I use?

Unlike using a matt paint indoors, masonry paint tends to lay on a bit thicker, and you'll find yourself loading the brush just a touch heavier for quicker work on the surface. Masonry paints tend to have a lower level of coverage per litre compared to interior paints. For example, a best-seller like Weathershield Smooth Masonry gives around 4-6m² per litre. A product like Stormshield Smooth Masonry can give you 9-11m² per litre.

You can see how much coverage each paint provides within the product's information.

Making it easier to use masonry paint

Any decent paint job requires a little foresight, which is why we think it is important to have your surfaces primed before you get to work. Top masonry primers you would want to try out include:

Anyone looking to smooth down or clean out any dirt or problem areas before beginning to paint should get a reliable wire brush, especially if using masonry paint on metal with rust patches.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

If using masonry paint and painting outdoors is entirely new to you, check out our Tips & Advice section for helpful articles on exterior painting. And if you have any problems finding a specific product, please get in touch via phone on 033 3320 2369, or talk to the team at your local Paint Shed location.