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Coo-Var Varnish

Coo-Var is known the world over for producing very high-quality paints, primers & specialised coatings. One area in particular which they excel at is their range of varnishes. 

While some brands develop basic one job for all style varnishes, Coo-Var goes out of its way to formulate products for specific purposes, be that a varnish for your worktop or even for use on boats.

If you need a hard-working varnish for a specific job, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. Shop our range of Coo-Var varnishes and get the best deals possible from a leading brand, only at The Paint Shed.

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What is Coo-Var Varnish?

Coo-Var varnish is a range of varnishes available in clear, eggshell, gloss & matt clear finishes. Each product within the range is suited for specific jobs, and here is some information on what the best-selling products can do for you.

Coo-Var Quick Drying Acrylic Varnish Eggshell Clear

A fast-acting water-based varnish which is touch dry in less than an hour. Ideally suited for interior furniture and worktops. With it being eggshell, reflectiveness is dulled down.

Coo-Var Polyurethane Varnish Eggshell Clear

When you want a slightly more durable varnish for indoor use. Good on worktops and internal doors.

Coo-Var Yacht & Sea Plane Eggshell Varnish

A very high quality and high gloss varnish. Although it is primarily for use with boats, it also comes in handy with exterior facing doors & gates and sheds.

Coo-Var Quick Dry Acrylic Gloss Varnish Clear

The most common varnish you’ll get, it’s best to use indoors when you want a glossy/reflective finish after application.

Coo-var Polyurethane Varnish Clear Gloss

A higher gloss version of polyurethane varnish, give a higher gloss on doors, floors and worktops.

Why Coo-Var Varnish?

Coo-Var hits all the boxes for a reliable varnish. Obviously, you’ll want to consider whether an eggshell or gloss finish looks best for your surfaces, but it’s good to know you can get coverage up to 14m² per litre.

Add to that a good turnaround time for recoats, and it’s a hard varnish to beat.

Getting ready to varnish

When you’re getting ready to apply varnish, all surfaces must be clean and dust-free. Varnish can pick up on imperfections much more easily than paint. If you’re applying Coo-Var varnish over existing paintwork, a quick dusting and wipe are usually all that is needed. 

If you’re working with a new surface, especially new wood, make sure everything is sanded and ready to take the varnish as best as possible. Please make sure you have everything you need by visiting our tools & accessories section

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Have a specific varnish in mind for your upcoming project? See if it’s in stock at our varnish section, with other brands such as Dulux, Rocktop & Sadolin. And remember to keep your surfaces in top condition by getting the appropriate cleaning solution too. 

If you need help finding a specific product you can’t see here, get in touch with The Paint Shed today, and we’ll help find a suitable solution.