When you’re looking to keep wooden surfaces in good condition for as long as possible, the power of wood treatments cannot be denied. A dependable treatment can bring tired-looking garden decking back to life and help your indoor wooden surfaces look better than ever.

The Paint Shed offers brands specialising in exterior wood such as Osmol, Owatrol, and Dulux Trade. If you’re looking to treat wood, take a look at the treatment products currently available.


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What are wood treatment products? 

Wood treatment products are designed to give wood in any area a greater degree of protection. You would use one to help prolong the lifespan of wooden surfaces by preventing rot and corrosion. 

There are two types of wood treatments; those which sink into the surface to enhance the wood, and those which apply a protective coat. The former are largely natural oil and wax-based and are best used for decking, fences, shed etc., to protect against the weather. They are easy to use and easy to reapply to freshen up wood which needs a new lease of life. The latter suits interiors such as door frames, windows and furniture.

Why use wood treatment?

A good wood treatment will help keep the wood in good condition and be used as a preventative measure. You may want to consider using a wood treatment if you’re looking to tackle:

  • Mould
  • Woodworm
  • Rot
  • Corrosion
  • Fungi

If there’s a specific issue you have and aren’t sure which product to get, talk to our woodcare experts today.

What surfaces can I use wood treatment on?

You can use almost all the products here on any wooden surface, both inside and outside. This includes doors, decking, furniture and wooden ornaments you want to protect. 

Can I use these wood treatments indoors and outdoors?

A good wood treatment should work on almost any surface. If you’re solely looking to touch up spots around the house, any of the Osmo Polyx Oils we have in stock will see you right – just make sure you pick your preferred finish first. If you’re only going to be treating wood in the garden like your decking, Sadolin Decking Oil Clear is a good choice. 

My decking is quite faded. What can I do?

If the decking is already faded, before you start treating, get some Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel. It is a unique gel which gets rid of build-up on wood and brings the colour back before you start to treat. 

Can I get different finishes from wood treatment products?

Typically, someone would be using wood treatment to help provide protection and not necessarily to give the wood a sheen or gloss. Most of the products on this page will provide a clear coverage with a matt or satin finish. And as the oil needs a slight degree of breathability, the lighter finish is needed to prevent cracking and flaking.

If you want a woodcare product with a high sheen finish, look at some of our wood wax and wood varnish.

How much wood treatment should I be using?

When using protective oils, especially those you want to get into the wood actively, it helps to apply thinner coats which won’t give you problems when curing. If you’re using a brush, a good treatment could give you around 4-7m² per litre.

Shopping woodcare products at The Paint Shed

If you need any help finding the right wood treatment solution for your furniture or surfaces, get in touch with The Paint Shed today. You can talk with a woodcare expert at your local store, or contact us by phone on 033 3320 2369.