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Johnstone's Trade Stormshield Paint

Painting outside in the British weather can feel like a gamble at the best of times with how unreliable weather forecasts can be. If you live somewhere where four seasons in a day is common, and you want to paint exteriors with no hassle, you'll want to get some Johnstone's Trade Stormshield Paint.

The Paint Shed has some of the most popular Stormshield products available to order online. If you're planning to do some painting orders and want a product you know will stand the stand of time (as well as the elements) order Johnstone's Trade Stormshield from The Paint Shed today.

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What is Johnstone's Trade Stormshield Paint?

Made to protect for more than just storms, Johnstone's Trade Stormshield is a range of specially formulated exterior paint. Painters and decorators who have to work outdoors love it for its coverage, retention, and lasting protection. 

Some of the more popular products within the range include:

Johnstones Stormshield Smooth Masonry (All Colours)

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a pre-mixed exterior paint that holds its colour well on brick and concrete, but these products excel at it. We have over 20 different colours to choose from, as well as fantastic Brilliant White smooth masonry paint.

Johnstone's Stormshield Smooth Masonry 10L Light Colours Only

You never want to think of having to paint the outside of your home as often you do the interior walls. Luckily, this 10L light colour version of Stormshield promises up to 15 years of quality coverage. You can choose from a range of colours including light creams, blues, greens & reds.

Stormshield Pliolite Masonry Brilliant White

Able to put a coat on come rain, shine, or snow (it can be applied even when it is -5 outside) this brilliant white Stormshield has Pliolite technology to ensure you can paint in harsher weather. It is shower resistant in roughly 20 minutes. 

Johnstones Stormshield Flexible Gloss

Glossier exterior paints can usually cause the most problems, especially when they're prone to splitting and bubbling. This product aims to avoid that with a microporous formulation which tries to resist cracking on the surface.

Why use Johnstone's Trade Stormshield Paint?

Johnstone's Stormshield Paints features some fantastic properties that cheaper and budget exterior paints can't match. You're looking at those essential features like improved colour retention, weather resistance, mould resistance etc.

Some of the Stormshield paints also have anti-carbonisation properties, so if you're planning on painting surfaces where you know cars will be parking, this paint can help resist discolouration from car fumes.

What surfaces does Johnstone's Trade Stormshield work best on?

Johnstone's Stormshield can be used on most exterior surfaces. This includes the likes of brickwork, concrete, cement etc. Some products within the range are also adaptable for use on exterior wood and metal surfaces too, particularly the satins and glosses which would be good for fences and exterior metal features.

Do I need to prepare my surface to use Stormshield?

When using any exterior paint, you want to make sure the surface is clean and dry before you start. It may be worth getting some filler if you have bigger holes and gaps on the wall which would still show after being painted over.

If you're painting on a naturally chalky/powdery surface, we recommend using Stormshield Flexible Undercoat

Find the right paint for any surface

Different surfaces need different paints to get the job done. Johnstone's Trade Stormshield can work on most exterior surfaces, but if you want to make sure your paint is right, shop our full range of specialist paint, where you'll find paints for metal, flooring, concrete, furniture and marine surfaces.