The Paint Shed offers a fantastic selection of high-quality trade paints to suit your every decorating need, in a huge variety of finishes, colours and surface applications.

Choose from our range of some of the biggest and best paint brands offered on the market, including Dulux, Johnstone's, Crown, Armstead, Macpherson, Leyland and more.

Don't worry if you can't find the colour that you’re looking for, our paint experts will create any colour on request – hows that for a quality service? Looking for more than just paint for the living room wall? We also offer a selection of trade emulsion, primer and undercoat, with choices available for different surfaces too. Whether you’re just brightening up the kitchen with a fresh coat or undertaking a bigger project, we’ve got you covered.

Trade paint: what’s the difference?

You may find yourself asking why should I choose trade paint rather than standard paint? Paint is just paint, right? Well, trade paint is the favourite choice of decorators and professionals for a reason. Its formula differs from normal consumer paint and offers better coverage, a longer-lasting finish and easier application.That means that not only is it faster to paint with, it keeps looking great for longer too. Unlike some other trade paint suppliers, at The Paint Shed we don’t believe in charging a premium price for quality. That’s why our trade paints are offered at the best possible prices available in the UK.

Types of trade paint

Trade paint may come in all colours, sizes and applications, but the one universal truth is that the quality can’t be beaten. At The Paint Shed we offer a variety of trade paint for different uses, including:

Emulsion: hardwearing, water-based paints which are perfect for reaching a tough, high-quality sheen.

Eggshell: falling somewhere between the sheen of satin paint and matt paint, eggshell paint offers a finish with a texture, like the name suggests, of an eggshell.

Satin: lustrous, velvety paint which can be used to create a smooth finish on slightly imperfect or uneven surfaces.

Gloss: high sheen, shiny, paint which reflects light – perfect for reaching a bright finish.

Masonry: acrylic-based paints which easily adhere to a variety of surfaces including, you guessed it, masonry.

Primer and undercoat: providing protection for the surface before painting, primer and undercoat is essential for reaching the best, long-lasting finishes.