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The Paint Shed can help any boat owner get the protection they need with high-performance Teamac Paint. Our industrial-strength selection of Teamac paints and supplies is perfect for any marine, floor or farming project you may have. Their easy to use paints are ideal for both professionals and novices. Their hand-selected marine and industrial floor paint is formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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9 Items

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    Teamac Fast Drying Industrial Floor Paint
    Teamac Fast Drying Industrial Floor Paint
    From £40.21 £33.51
  2. Teamac High Build Rapidry Zinc Phosphate Primer
    Teamac High Build Rapidry Zinc Phosphate Primer
    From £15.83 £13.19
  3. Teamac Farm Oxide - Ready Mixed
    Teamac Farm Oxide - Ready Mixed
    From £28.75 £23.96
  4. Teamac Quick Dry Zinc Phosphate Primer P219
    Teamac Quick Dry Zinc Phosphate Primer P219
    From £49.28 £41.07
  5. Teamac Rapidry Primer Red Oxide
    Teamac Rapidry Primer Red Oxide
    From £53.99 £44.99
  6. Teamac Marine Gloss
    Teamac Marine Gloss
    From £30.42 £25.35
  7. Teamac Marine Primer Undercoat
    Teamac Marine Primer Undercoat
    From £27.36 £22.80
  8. Teamac Metaclor Anti-Fouling Primer
    Teamac Metaclor Anti-fouling Primer
    From £25.34 £21.12

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What is Teamac Paint?

Teamac is a brand which specialises in antifouling paint. Traditionally, antifouling paint is used on the underside of a boat to prevent organisms from sticking to the boat. This would include the likes of algae, seaweed and barnacles which prefer to latch on and give you a hard time, potentially plucking off and causing superficial damage on the paint job.

Teamac is known for developing gloss and primers which are non-slip, and scratch-resistant. Their primers tend to have a high concentration of metallic zinc that provides an adequate level of control in an average of two coats.

Their paints work best on:

  • Cruisers
  • Yachts
  • Barges

Why Teamac Paint?

The Paint Shed likes Teamac products because they provide a reasonable lifespan for something that would be exposed to water a lot (they average 12 months of functional use).

As well as on the bottom of boats, Teamac paint could also be used on:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Fibreglass
  • Ferro-cement

With the protector taking to exterior wood and metal so well, Teamac can also be used on certain farming equipment and outdoor machinery which gets wet.

It also makes for a versatile product which can see you get coverage of up to 10 square metres per litre. (Please note that while the 5l primer is readily available, the 20l drums are considered a special order and delivery may take longer than usual).

Getting ready to use Teamac Paint

As with any paint job, you want to have all our tools laid out and the area you’ll be working on as clean and dry as possible. It’s a good idea to visit the painting tools and accessories section, so you’ll have everything you need in advance.

Teamac products can be applied using brushes and rollers, and if you’re working with a surface that has a unique shape, the Rodo Nook & Cranny Brush can help you get in those troublesome nooks and crannies without any problems.

If this is your first time using paints this way, it’s also worth visiting our marine paints page and reading our guide to marine paints.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Whether you’re looking specifically for Teamac products, or want the best deal possible on marine paints, The Paint Shed is here to help. We have a price promise in place for our customers. If you find the same products on another UK site for a better total price, get in touch, and we’ll try our best to beat it.

Our customers also value the service we provide, no matter where in the UK you’re based. We have over 4,000 five star reviews on Trustpilot, all from verified customers who got the paint they needed when they wanted.

If you have any questions about Teamac paint or need help finding a specific paint type, please get in touch by emailing us or leaving a message on our contact page.