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A key part of a painter or decorators job is to ensure that they and their customers are protected from paint spills, harmful chemicals and injury. Having the right equipment and clothing to do this, is of great importance.

Protective clothing is vital, and depending on the job knee, skin and face protection may also be necessary. Some newbie painters or decorators may think old clothing will suffice when on the job, but why risk paint splashes and the damage incurred from fumes when you can work in protective, high quality materials from the best and biggest trade paint brands?

Not to mention that wearing the proper decorators clothing and accessories also communicates your expertise to customers and fellow industry professionals. It’s a win-win! Keep your bare skin safe from harm without compromising on comfort or style with our industry standard workwear.

A Guide to Workwear

Rodo Prodec Bib and Brace

This stylish advanced decorators bib and brace is designed with grey paneling on high wear areas, to help protect your knees and prevent the material from wearing down over time. This ensures the garment will last longer saving you money in repurchasing. It is multi-pocketed with space for a mobile phone or wallet, an opening for knee pads and a large pouch to hold tools. Its triple stitching adds additional strength while its 100% cotton drill fabric surface ensures maximum resistance.

Rodo Prodec Painters Trousers

Rodo’s 100% cotton drill trousers are designed for minimal shrinkage and maximum strength. They are as comfortable as they are practical with quilted knee pads for extra support and additional pockets and loops for keys and easy mobile access. Perfectly teamed with Rodo Blackrock Knee Pads, there are even slots to insert and remove cushioned knee pads with ease. Suited to use by painters/decorators in non hazardous areas. Their elasticated composition and bleached white design provide a clean, comfortable look for any job.

Rodo Blackrock Knee Pads

Rodo’s internal knee pads are made to be bought with their bib and brace or trousers, for easy insertion. The 100% polythene Blackrock branded knee pads provide economic, long lasting protection and comfort. They provide an extra layer of defence against high impact hard surfaces, reducing the strain on your kneecaps. Suited to everyday use, the knee pads can easily be cut to size and you can wash the fabric inside the provided pockets.

Workwear at The Paint Shed

At The Paint Shed we want to ensure the health and safety of our customers, our hand selected range of workwear helps you display a professional image whilst also staying protected. All of our workwear items are functional, comfortable and hard wearing, so you know that they will last for years to come. Shop our selection of trade quality workwear today.