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Paint Brushes

Getting the right paintbrush is the first step towards a professional finish. Trade paint brushes last much longer than retail alternatives, saving you both time and money. Which is why we only stock paint brushes from the best and biggest trade paint brands, shop our range of natural and synthetic paint brushes from trusted brands such as Axus Décor, ProDec, Hamilton and The Fox.

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  1. Axus Blue Angled Pro-Cutter Brush
    Axus Blue Angled Pro-cutter Brush
    From £4.03 £3.36
  2. ProDec Premier Synthetic Brush
    Prodec Premier Synthetic Brush
    From £2.95 £2.46
  3. ProDec All Purpose Paint Brush
    Prodec All Purpose Paint Brush
    From £1.21 £1.01
  4. Osmo Flat Brush
    Osmo Flat Brush
    From £3.35 £2.79
  5. Axus Grey S-Finish Paint Brush
    Axus Grey S-finish Paint Brush
    From £3.65 £3.04
  6. Axus Grey Pointed Precision Sash Paint Brush
    Axus Grey Pointed Precision Sash Paint Brush
    From £5.30 £4.42
  7. Axus Silk Touch Cutter Paint Brush
    Axus Silk Touch Cutter Paint Brush
    From £5.52 £4.60
  8. Axus Grey Angled Fitch Brush
    Axus Grey Angled Fitch Brush
    From £3.46 £2.88
  9. Farrow And Ball Paint Brush
    Farrow and Ball Paint Brush
    From £8.00 £6.67
  10. Frenchic Oval Brush
    Frenchic Oval Brush
    From £10.96 £9.13
  11. ProDec Windsor Sash Brush
    Prodec Windsor Sash Brush
    From £6.23 £5.19
  12. ProDec Nook and Cranny Brush
    Prodec Nook And Cranny Brush
    From £2.86 £2.38
  13. Hamilton Perfection Bristle Brush
    Hamilton Perfection Bristle Brush
    From £9.38 £7.82
  14. ProDec Trade Pro Brush
    Prodec Trade Pro Brush
    From £2.68 £2.23
  15. Frenchic Flat Brush
    Frenchic Flat Brush
    From £7.94 £6.62
  16. Axus Captain Chunk Paint Brush
    Axus Captain Chunk Paint Brush
    From £5.24 £4.37
  17. Axus Mink Silk Touch Paint Brush
    Axus Mink Silk Touch Paint Brush
    From £4.98 £4.15

Items 1-32 of 49

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A high-quality professional brushes can last for years if cared for properly, which is why they are worth investing in. Finding the right one just takes research, luckily, we’ve compiled all the need to know information for you! So if you are looking for a decorators paint brush at a reduced cost, then we have everything you need.

Just remember to choose the right brush for the right paint. Most trade paint brands will offer recommendations, but here is a basic guide.

Natural Bristle Brush- A natural or pure bristle brush is best used when working with woodcare and solvent based paint.

Mixed Filaments – Ideal for all types of oil based paint and woodcare.

Synthetic Brush- The perfect choice for water-based paint or woodcare.

With the array of brushes available, choosing the right tools for the job can be overwhelming. Opting for a high quality trade paint brush will save you a do-over. After all, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. So what exactly is the difference between budget and trade brushes? It’s natural to try to save money where you can but purchasing a budget paint brush will end up costing you more in time and effort.

Budget brushes do not hold a sufficient amount of paint, so the finish of your work is likely to look streaky and unprofessional. To avoid spoiling your paint job,cheap paint brushes should be reserved for small touch ups and glue application. Fine finishes require a high quality natural or synthetic paint brush. Quality brushes make interior painting easier, and a professional finish more attainable. Finding the right type of bristle and brush, depends on the surface and the paint you are using.

Wall, trim and sash trim are the three main types of bristle design. Wall brushes are usually flat and wide, trim brushes are flat, thin and narrow while sash brushes are cut on an angle. Each has a tapered end that allows the tip to hold a sufficient amount of paint, resulting in a smooth more even finish. With varying lengths for every paint project, you are sure to find what you need.