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Concrete Paint

There is a certain joy that comes with painting concrete. Some see it as a daunting job to carry out, but when you have the right type of concrete paint at hand, it is a simple and rewarding project.

The Paint Shed has a range of concrete paints that are ideal when you want something tough, durable, and non-slip. We have products from leading brands such as Coo-Var, Dulux, Macpherson & Sadolin in stock.

Whether you’re looking to get your garage floor looking crisp or have safety features which need to be addressed with specialist metal paint, The Paint Shed has the right paint for the job. 

Don’t forget. Here at The Paint Shed, we want to give customers the best deals possible and have a price promise in place to make sure you get the best price on any metal paints we have in stock.

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What paint do I need to use on concrete?

It is best to think of concrete paint in the same way you’d think of varnish or paint types in general. There are specific types within the range for different purposes, i.e. there isn’t just one paint known as concrete paint.

For example, you’ll notice we have many floor paints on this page. These would be used on concrete interior floors in office buildings, factories, and garages when you want a smooth & hardwearing finish. Compare that to something like Dulux Floorshield, which is better suited to homes and retail spaces with a lot of foot traffic.

You’ll need to know what you want your concrete paint to do before choosing an appropriate product.

Which brands are known for their concrete paint?

The Paint Shed has one of the widest selections of concrete paints you’ll find anywhere, both online and at your nearest Paint Shed location.

Some of the brands we think make great concrete paint include:

  • Dulux Trade
  • Johnstones Trade
  • Macpherson Trade
  • Blackfriar
  • Coo-Var
  • Teamac
  • Armstead
  • Johnstones Woodworks
  • Macpherson
  • Owatrol
  • Sadolin

If there’s a specific brand you’re looking for, you can use the filter options on the left side of the page.

What concrete paint is best for making lines?

Need to paint a parking space or put a warning sign down? You will want to use Dulux Trade Line Marking Paint or Coo-Var Low Odour Line Marking Paint.  Both products have excellent scuff resistance, especially if you’re looking to apply it in car parks or as sports lines on courts.

Which concrete paint helps prevent slipping?

We have a few products in stock you might want to compare, depending on the surface you’re working with. These include:

Most are adaptable for interior & exterior use.

What paint should I use on steps and ramps?

When protecting steps and ramps outside buildings, you’ll want a concrete paint which works in both dry and wet conditions. Coo-Var Anti-Slip Step & Ramp Paint is your best option if you’re looking for a protective anti-slip concrete paint to keep the surface low-slip in wet conditions.

If you are using paint for safety purposes, you might also be interested in Coo-Var Vandelene anti-climb paint.

Do I need to prime concrete?

You should treat concrete like you would any surface and prime it accordingly or apply an undercoat. It’s the best way of ensuring the concrete will take the paint, and imperfections are levelled out as much as possible. And if you’re working outside, you’ll want to have a clean surface with no dirt, grease, oil or moss on the concrete before you begin priming.

Can I paint over cracks in concrete?

If you want a uniform finish from painting on concrete, we recommend you prep the surface accordingly. This is easily done by getting a wire brush to smooth the crack and applying caulk to let it set in. Again, in instances like this, it is best to use a primer before applying any paint at all.

Need help with concrete paint? Talk to The Paint Shed

Are you having trouble finding the right type of concrete paint? You can call the team on 033 3320 2369, or ask staff for help when you’re visiting your nearest Paint Shed location. Remember, we have click & collect available on the products you see here.