Having been in the market since 1890, Johnstone's has a formidable history as one of the UK's most recognised trade paint brands. Over time they have developed and expanded their range to cover everything from paint for your living room wall to some of the specialist floor and surface paints you find here.

The Paint Shed is going to get you the best deal possible on Johnstone's Trade Specialist Paints. When you're working on a specific surface that needs more than just a lick of emulsion, you'll find it at The Paint Shed.

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Johnstone’s Trade Specialist Paint

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What is Johnstone's Trade Specialist Paint?

Johnstone's Trade Specialist Paint is a small range of paints used to work on specific surfaces, namely flooring and metal.

Johnstone's Smooth Metal Tinted

Sometimes painting on metal can be tricky enough, but this paint ensures that you can apply right over previously painted or rusted surfaces without any worries. It has anti-corrosive properties which usually see it good to last for at least five years.

It is also available ready mixed in black, gold, silver, red & white here.

Johnstone's Flortred Ready Mixed

Dark or intense colours, especially when needed for health & safety, can sometimes be hard to apply on floors. The ready-mixed darker Flortred has a solvent-based semi-gloss coating which comes in black, grey, red, white, green, as well as safety colours of yellow, blue & red.

Johnstone's Trade Flortred Tinted

A dynamic solvent-based paint which, unlike other surface paints, does just as well on concrete as it does on wood & steel. We have hundreds of tinted colours to choose from, which helps show off the semi-gloss finish.

Johnstones Quick Dry Polyurethane Floor Varnish

With the ability to apply three coats in one day, and up to 18m2 per litre, if you need varnish for high-traffic wooden floors, this does the job.

Johnstone's Floor Varnish Satin Clear

While the polyurethane varnish is used in high traffic areas, this satin clear is better for "medium" traffic areas like gymnasiums and stairs, as it can resist scratching and staining. It is also available as a clear gloss varnish.

Why use Johnstone's Trade Specialist Paint?

Johnstone's Trade is some of the best trade paint products you can use, and these specialist paints can help get you out of a pickle when working in precise areas. Their coverage is second to none.

How long does Johnstone's Trade Specialist paint last?

Depending on the product, you're looking at anywhere from 5 to 15 years coverage. 

Can I use this on wood in my house?

Most of the products here are for use in public and commercial areas. If you're only doing a small section at home, we recommend looking at our full range of woodcare products

Some products say VOC 2010 Compliant. What does this mean?

Many paints will have VOC, which stands for "volatile organic compounds" in them. These compounds help the paint do its job but can be harmful when someone is exposed to high levels. You'll only ever notice VOCs if your paint has a strong odour.

Any paint labelled as VOC 2010 Compliant means that product adheres to European regulations and has a safe VOC level.

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