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Cosy Living Room Paint Colours

It's October and we're all noticing the nights drawing as winter quickly approaches. With cosy homes and autumn high up the agenda, it's a popular time of the year to make any final interior changes before the big day (yes Christmas!). To help you on your paint colour journey we've pulled together some of our top cosy colours from leading trade & designer brands so you can tick a cosy living room off your never ending list! 

From Dulux Heritage to classic Dulux Trade colours, we offer something for everyone at The Paint Shed. No matter what surface, what environment or what finish - we can mix the colour of your choice, in the paint of your choice. It's that easy.

Cosy Colours To Paint Your Living Room

Dulux Heritage - Biscuit Beige. This is a mid, warm neutral featuring a slight red undertone.

Craig & Rose - Mallord. This is a rich, milky neutral paint giving off a distinctive cream look and feel.

Little Greene - Lute. A pale neutral shade that gives off a comforting look & feel to any space.

Dulux Trade - Artist's Brush. This shade is a greige and gives off a contemporary look & feel to any room.

Johnstone's Trade - My Alibi. This hue is a light, dusty grey that also has a soft beige undertone. 

Why Choose A Cosy Paint Colour For Your Living Room?

Choosing a cozy colour to paint your living room can create a sense of warmth and inviting atmosphere making your living space feel more comfortable and relaxing. The hues associated with coziness, such as warm neutrals, soft pastels, or deep earth tones, can also evoke a sense of security and contentment - perfect for cold autumn & winter months. In our opinion opting for a cozy colour can transform a room into a relaxing space where you can unwind and feel more at ease.


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  1. Craig and Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion
    Craig and Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion
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