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Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint

Bring a new lease of life to the exterior of your home with the Dulux Trade Weathershield range. The Paint Shed has a fantastic range of paints in stock for anyone who wants to brighten up walls, doors and trims like window ledges around the outside of the home.

You can be as creative as you like whilst resting safely in the knowledge that the Dulux Trade Weathershield paint is resilient and reliable. Shop the range today and get free delivery on orders over £50.

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What is Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint?

Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint is a range of fantastic exterior paints, which can be used on any surface you want to cover. Typically, Weathershield is used on outside walls, doors, and any masonry you would want to paint.

If you are looking to paint railings or a garage door, we’d suggest looking at Dulux Trade Metalshield Paint instead, which is available in our specialist paint section.

Why Use Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint?

Within the range, you’ll find unique paints which work wonders when you have precise needs. For example, the Quick Dry Opaque paint can be mixed to any Dulux colour you like and looks fantastic with easy application on doors, windows, and other joinery.

Dulux also knows how to make sure your exterior paint lasts for years to come. The popular Weathershield All Seasons paint can provide up to 15 years of all-weather protection.

Most of these paints are also incredibly fast-drying, getting to work in 15-30 minutes; ideal for anyone painting here in the UK where you can catch all four seasons in a day.

Is Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint shiny?

You can choose from the following finishes from the range:

  • Matt
  • Gloss
  • Satin

We also have stabilising primer and fungicidal wash for those trying to paint what would be deemed problem areas.

Can I use Dulux Trade Weathershield inside?

This range is developed for use outside. If there is a specific surface you’re trying to work with, we recommend visiting the specialist paint section. It features high-quality paints which work best on metal, flooring, furniture, and concrete.

What Colours do Dulux Trade Weathershield Paints Come In?

Most of the products in the range are available in white, magnolia, and black.

You do have the choice with most paints of having a specific colour if you prefer. When choosing paint that is mixed-to-order, please note that the paint cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Can I Use Dulux Trade Weathershield on Doors?

Yes. If you’re looking for a traditional black finish on doors and trims, Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick Dry Opaque Black is a fantastic product which gives you up to 20sq/m per litre and a quick turnaround of 2 hours on coatings.

If you have a specific colour in mind, stick with Dulux Trade Weathershield Quick Dry Opaque (All Colours), although note that this product regularly sells out due to demand.

Find the Right Paint for Your Next Job

Working outside with paint can be challenging if it’s your first time doing so, that’s why we have some fantastic guides at the exterior section of our blog.

And if you need help choosing the right type of Dulux Trade Weathershield Paint, or any exterior paint for that matter, talk to The Paint Shed team today.