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Emulsion Trade Paints

If you're looking for the best paint finish on your walls and ceilings, our collection of trade emulsion paints come in a wide range of high-quality finishes, designed to help you get the job done right. With everything available from washable silk to fast-drying matt, you are sure to find your perfect emulsion at The Paint Shed.

Shop online today for emulsion paint at the lowest possible price. Choose from brands such as DuluxJohnstone'sCrownArmsteadLeylandMacpherson and more. As paint experts and stockists of leading brands, we offer the best range of emulsion products in every colour and finish imaginable.

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What is Emulsion paint? 

Emulsion is a water-based paint primarily made for use indoors. It will be formulated with resins which help give the paint some specific features. For example, the paint may be formulated to be quicker drying, while another emulsion may be mould inhibiting. No matter what you need a paint for, there's an emulsion to help you.

Why use Emulsion paint?

When the surface gets tough, emulsion gets going. Emulsion paints are mostly water-based. Why is this important? Well, water-based paints are faster drying & can be thinned down a little with some more water; ideal for anyone who wants to improve the coverage of the paint.

What surfaces do emulsion paint work best on?

With emulsion being your best friend indoors, some of the best surfaces to use trade emulsion paint on would be:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Skirting boards & trimming

Whenever you want a hardwearing paint that can take a few hits here and there, an emulsion is your best friend.

What are the different emulsion paint finishes?

This is the most common question customers have when they're not familiar with emulsion paint. Sometimes one look at the full range of products can make things a little confusing. Here is what you should know about understanding which emulsion finish is best for you:

  • Matt Emulsion – A classic matt finish which won't give you any shine on a wall. A durable matt will work just as well as glossy paint
  • Eggshell Emulsion – Now the most popular type of emulsion on offer, when you want a durable finish but prefer a non-reflective finish, eggshell is the way to go
  • Satin Emulsion – You can get soft or mid-sheen, depending on how specific you want things to look
  • Silk Emulsion – The classic emulsion finish. When you see a high-sheen wall, it is typically a silk emulsion
  • How much emulsion paint should I use?

Every emulsion paint you see on-site will list how much coverage per litre it provides. If you're looking to figure out which emulsion paint you need, you could always get a Crown Trade or Dulux Trade tester pot to compare different emulsions on the wall.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Make sure you get the best deal possible for your ideal emulsion paint. We have a Price Promise in place to ensure you get the best deal possible. If you're painting a room or surface for the first time, and don't know what you'll need, our advice section has everything you'd need to know about painting any surface. And don't forget, if you need emulsion paint in a hurry, we have click & collect available from your nearest Paint Shed location.