Reliable. Trustworthy. Hard-working. Just a few of the terms you can use to describe Leyland Trade Paint. It has been trusted by trades for decades now and is one of the most popular ranges we stock at The Paint Shed.

Whether you’re looking for a simple matt that will do in the halls, have a living room that needs a fresh coat to lighten the room, or are thinking the skirting boards could do with a once over, Leyland Trade Paint might just do the ticket.

Shop now and get the best prices on Leyland Trade products, and free delivery for orders above £50.

Leyland Trade Paint

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What is Leyland Trade Paint?

Leyland Trade has been providing tradespeople and homeowners with the paint they need to complete any tough paint job since 1922. They are viewed as a  trusted and reliable brand with strong traditions that date back to humble beginnings in Lancashire.

It is seen as an authentic British brand and is privileged to carry the prestigious ”By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen” accreditation on its products. In recent years they have produced some fantastic new paint products with a focus on durability.

Many people find their emulsions to be the hardest working out there, while their Hardwearing Matt (which sells out fast at The Paint Shed) promises to be up to ten times tougher than traditional vinyl matt emulsion paint.

Why Leyland Trade Paint?

At The Paint Shed, we are stockists of a wide variety of Leyland Trade products including Contract MattVinyl MattEggshell and Primer Undercoat.

We think they provide the perfect combination of high-quality paint with a reasonable price point for the amount of paint you’re getting. For example, a 5m by 5m wall (25m²) would only need about 4 litres of acrylic eggshell paint on average (even less if you were using a basic Vinyl Matt finish).

We also like the moisture-resistant properties of some of their paints. It makes for an ideal solution when you want to paint parts of your kitchen or bathroom (areas you know frequently get wet) a bright white while avoiding watermarks.

Prepping with The Paint Shed

No matter where you’re using Leyland Trade Paint, you need to make sure the area is all cleaned and prepped. If you’re unsure what tools or equipment you’ll need to get yourself ready, visit our painting accessories section.

Here you’ll be able to get essentials like dust sheets, new brushes, adhesives and workwear to keep you and the work area in tip-top condition.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Here at The Paint Shed, we want to give our customers the best deals possible on high-quality paint from suppliers like Leyland. If you’re someone who loves getting a bargain on paint, check out our paint deals page, where we will frequently have new deals on offer from top brands like Leyland and Crown.

Leyland makes some fantastic interior paints for matt and undercoat solutions. If you’re unsure what these paint styles are, or are painting a room for the first time and wouldn’t know which paint suits best, read our interior painting guides to see how to use Leyland paint in any room.

Remember that The Paint Shed is here to give you the best deal possible when purchasing Leyland Trade paint, no matter where in the UK you live. If you find another UK online retailer selling the paint you’re looking for at a better price than we currently have that product for, get in touch and we will aim to beat it as part of our price promise.