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A great coat of wood stain on your wood can dramatically improve appearances. Wood stain differs from wood paint in that instead of covering the wood grain, it works actively to bring out its natural beauty. Staining wood and other internal/external surfaces can be a brilliant way to integrate furniture into a room better. Wood staining is also the best way to keep your surfaces looking newer for longer, saving you money and time.

At The Paint Shed,  wood stains come in a variety of colours and brands including SadolinJohnstone’sDulux Trade and Demi Dekk. Our premium wood stains are durable, non-peeling, scuff-resistant and easily maintained. Shop today and see which stain is best for you.

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What is wood stain? 

Wood stain is a wood care product you would use to colour your wood. It penetrates and “stains” your wood, while a varnish or paint would sit on top of the wood. While they can provide some degree of protection, you wouldn’t use one solely to help protect the wood. If you were interested in a fully protective product as a no-fuss solution, we would recommend getting something like Dulux Trade Protective Woodsheen (Ready Mixed).

Why use wood stain?

Always think of your wood stain in the same way you would any paint. You’re using the product because you want to add a specific colour/shade to your wood to enhance its appearance. It’s why we stock wood stains in a wide variety of colours, with best-sellers like Demidekk Ultimate a good choice for anyone who wants a unique colour from their stain.

What surfaces do wood stains work best on?

Wood stains can be used on:

  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Bannisters
  • Shelves
  • Fencing

Sometimes it’s also common to see wood stain used on kitchen tables and cabinets.

Are there different types of wood stain?

There are traditionally two main types of wood stain: oil and water. The one you need will depend on several factors.

Oil-based wood stains are preferred when you need a stain which can penetrate deeper in the wood for lasting protection, provide a tougher seal when dry, and lasting protection when exposed to the elements. For example, if you were staining outdoor furniture, oil-based would be better.

Water-based wood stains are usually easier to work with as they’re thinner by nature. They dry much quicker, meaning you can get a couple of coats on in one day, and they’re easier to clean. You’ll typically stick with water wood stains when you’re using other water products on the wood.

How much wood stain do I need?

The rule of two usually applies when you’re using wood stain. Your stain aims to provide a protective layer on your wood/metal while letting the grain come through to look its best with a slight colour. If you wanted to protect the wood and not change the look at all, you’re best to opt for a wood treatment or wood varnish.

Remember too that you don’t want to cover your wood with too much stain. If it can’t penetrate fully, the stain will sit on top and end up giving you a sticky feeling anytime it is touched.

Shopping woodcare products at The Paint Shed

Using wood stain for the first time, or not sure what you need to be using when working with wood? Our advice section has many helpful articles highlighting how to use a stain and what to do when working outdoors.

If you’re looking for a specific product, or need help choosing the ideal stain for your wood, give the team a call today on 033 3320 2369, and we’ll see how we can help.